Thursday, September 10, 2015

Long Weekend Rewind

Yes, I know it's Thursday and if you ask me what happened to this week, I'm not sure I would have an answer. But our weekend was fantastic!! It was super hot (heat warning hot) and super busy!!

Let's get started!! Friday night M had ball, however Noah woke up super early and didn't nap well, so we decided to stay home. He was asleep before M went to ball, but woke up just before M got home and would not settle for me or for Mike when he got home. Around midnight M decided he would take him for a drive, that always works. Well much to my surprise he didn't get back until 2 AM and Noah was still awake. I later find out that he was about 20 minutes from home, got a flat tire, Noah was losing his hit because M had to change the tire, leaving Noah in the truck by himself in the dark. It only gets better... The crank on the tire jack broke... So M ended up having to change the tire rather dangerously, but he obviously managed. When I asked why he didn't call me, he said he forgot his phone at home... Bet he won't be making that mistake again. Luckily shortly after getting home, Noah finally fell asleep. 

Saturday morning we were rushing around sluggishly to get ready for the lake. We made it there by noon. 

I failed at taking a lot of photos all weekend and was rather "unplugged". 

Noah's night on the boat went well! M was pretty nervous about it, but he surprised us!! Gracie slept right beside his pack and play and didn't wake him! 

Sunday morning Noah was busy catching bubbles: 

It was getting hot in a hurry, so we headed out on the boat early!! Noah was our of sorts and super clingy with Mike, but we made the best of it. We finally made progress with wearing his life jacket for longer periods of time!!

He enjoyed eating watermelon right off the rine for the first time and was covered in watermelon juice!! 

He also enjoyed his first seadoo ride! I'm not sure who had more fun! Daddy or Noah?

Gracie on the other hand was actually having NO fun at all!! It's soo hard to see her not enjoying something she loves soo much!! She was super pouty all weekend and was clearly missing Lily! 

Noah enjoyed a few more swims in the lake - oh and I found Mike a pair of sunglasses in the water!! They fit him perfect!! 

It was time to call it a day and yes we were all sad to be leaving the lake! 

We managed to keep Noah awake the whole ride home, although the last 10 minutes were the hardest! It's a 50 minute drive from door to dock. Needless to say it was tubby time and straight to bed! 

Monday was pretty laid back! We hung around home. I got the pool all cleaned of leaves and treated. We will be closing it soon!  

Gracie was still down in the dumps :( 

Even with Noah trying to distract her: 

M picked my Dad up from camping and then we went to Boston Pizza for dinner!! 

And there we have the weekend!! 

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Murdock's mama said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! It was HOT here, too!


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