Friday, September 25, 2015

High Five Friday!!

Wow, we survived that week with some of the best days and some of the most challenging!! Life with a toddler is no joke. On to the 5 and our weekend plans:

1) Noah was a champ getting his needle yesterday!! He cried of course, but as soon as a cookie was offered, he was all good! His weight has held still around 30 pounds, but he is now 35 inches tall!! His head size is no longer a concern, so we don't have to see the paediatrician again. Needless to say around his usual witching hour, of course while I'm trying to get dinner ready, it became my goal to just keep this kid alive... If he wasn't on the dining room table, he was doing this:

He is such a daredevil and makes my heart skip a beat to often. You bet he was trying to get on that truck!! Of course M got called to a car accident at home time, which really meant survival mode because I was done and Noah was done and he was going straight to bed when M did get home! Luckily everyone was okay and he was home by 7! 

2) another Fall TV topic... Greys was on last night, along with Saving Hope, not nearly as dramatic for season openers, but still happy to have them back!! Law and Order SVU was good on Wednesday too!! 

3) mommy win - Noah and I were showered and dressed by 8:30 this morning! I'm also looking forward to a bit of mommy time getting groceries this morning while Noah hangs out with Grandma!! 

4) have you tried the Garlic and cheddar bagel from Tim Hortons? It tastes just like garlic bread - soo yummy!! Noah prefers timbits of course and was displeased when they stopped carrying the birthday cake flavour! Like his Mama, he prefers the sour cream glazed over chocolate! 

5) I am over half way done my photobook and crunch time is on for completion by Sunday!! 

This weekend we are headed to my moms to help her move some furniture. Sunday I am going to meet Nicole's baby and take some pics for her!! I'm also hoping to get a head start on some house cleaning and getting some boxes out of Noah's new big boy room that we need to get going on!! 


Hilary said...

He's getting so big! Beckett's at 26.5 lbs & 33". What size is Noah in now? I'm having a hard time deciding what size to buy Beckett in winter clothes!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh my gosh- a big boy room for Noah?? Seems crazy!! They are still babies!! I'm in denial clearly! Haha!

I caught Leo standing on the coffee table the other day- monkey!!

I need to do Leo's 1st Photobook- I suck!! Haha!

J and A said...

Such a big boy!!! Delainey is always on top on things! She's nuts too!! Such monkey's!


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