Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Rewind ++

Since we decided to spill the beans on Friday instead of share about Noah's first trip to the farm show, I will include the pics from the farm show today!!

On Wednesday we spent the very warm day at the farm show with whole family. It was the guys goal to do every isle, which we just about did! Noah was pretty excited and behaved pretty well all day. 

There were balloons, fresh popped popcorn (which I had for breakfast), fresh lemonade stands and a whole bunch of tractors!! 

He even had a little nap in the late morning! 

Noah sure did love the Kobotas and insisted on sitting on everyone he could! But he found a few other toys he would like too:

Mom said no: 

He also insisted on trying out many tractors big or small and even needed Grandpas help to get up in a few and help him find the horn of course! 

We had some lunch, visited with friends, thanks to my pregnancy bladder I had to use a portapotty... We won't even go there... We are ice cream and saw some live animals and by 3 PM we were all ready to go home and much to our surprise the guys were okay with that!! Noah had a nice nap when we got home too. For every isle we walked he doubled it by walking across back and forth so he did a lot of walking!! 

Now onto the weekend! Friday Noah was crazy and just not listening all day. I wasn't sure how we survived the day to be honest!! Mike came home and after an hour he asked me how I did it and I'm still not sure... What I can say is no alcohol was involved unfortunately! So he took him for a walk with Gracie before putting him to bed! 

Needless to say I was in bed early! 

Saturday I got right to work on a special sewing project! I also tackled the laundry room! It was raining on and off, so when the boys could be outside they were cutting the gardens back and prepping the pool to be closed. 

We napped too!

For dinner we decided to make homemade pizzas! Noah was a huge fan:

Saturday night I stayed up way to late watching Kendra On Top... We all know I like some good trashy reality TV!! 

Sunday the boys closed the pool... Really Mike did, but Noah offered breaks and support! I did go out and help vacuum a bit and watch Noah while M pulled the stairs out! 

I vacuumed the house, finished putting together the special sewing project and worked on more laundry! I actually felt like we accomplished a lot this weekend which was something that hasn't happened for 8 weeks!! No energy!! Luckily 12 weeks brought on a bit more energy!! 

M cut the lawn and finished cutting the gardens down and then took the yard waste away with Noah. They got back just in time to head into town for a few groceries and I needed to get special scissors before the one store closed - we made it just in time!! 

Noah enjoyed shopping at Home Depot for the first time ever! Granted we were only getting an air filter and bee spray, oh and paint chips for Noah's new big boy room!! 

We had dinner out, grabbed our groceries, played for a bit and then it was bedtime! Yay for not needing meds at bedtime! Noah's teeth have finally taken a break!! I finally got my photobook canada program to open and was able to start Noah's 6-12 month book!! I just love how his first one turned out!

Today we are going to work on self soothing himself to sleep again! He did wake up super early today so I'm not too sure how that will go! 


J and A said...

Loves his pizza! SO cute! Glad you guys had a great weekend! Awesome pics.

Cole said...

What a busy weekend! Noah looks like he had a great time walking Gracie!

Laura Darling said...

He looks so happy with that pizza! Glad you had a nice, relaxing weekend!


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