Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What I'm Loving Lately

It's been such a long time since I put out such a classic post of my loves lately!! Remember when we used to do posts on Oh So Pinteresting, and combine it with What I'm Loving.. Well I miss those!! So here we go!!

1) I love how amazing my day was yesterday with Noah. I have to gush, because lately we have at least one major melt down over something and yesterday my child turned into an angel. No tantrums, listening ears on, he was just pleasant and honestly I was sad when it was time for him to go to bed... Which is a whole new love I will share in a bit! We went to the zoo yesterday with my cousin and her little guy and it had to have been our best trip yet. Noah walked most of the whole thing and was actually pointing to all the animals and was excited to see a few different ones (camel, tiger and mountain lions). 

We came home, had lunch and then it was nap time. I laid him down and much to my surprise he stayed laying and waved goodbye and went right to sleep!! I tried to nap too, but was cold and had to pee of course, so it was not successful! 

When we got up, my Dad popped over with Cindy and had a nice visit. Noah had fun telling them stories, reading books and showing them his trucks and diggers! 

2) I am loving how my child has picked right back up on the self soothing himself to sleep. M and I were a bit worried since his last month was spent rocking him because he was having such a hard time with his teeth, we were sure it was a set back. Well his teeth aren't as bad right now, so we thought we would start back up Monday and he has been a champ, crying for just a re minutes the first day, to no tears at all the second!! Soo proud of him! 

3) I am loving that I actually got a 4 hour stretch of sleep last night and woke up breathing through my nose. My allergies/pregnancy rhinitis has been horrible to the point that my nose is soo dry cracked and sore. I got up twice to pee and worried this was going to be an every 2 hour night, but I managed to get in a good stretch and I can feel it!! 

4) I am loving that fall TV has started back up!! Started with The Voice Monday and then I picked up 2 more shows: 

This one looks like potential to replace Parenthood, but much funnier I think! Do yourself a favour and at least watch the trailer and prepare to laugh!! The pregnancy one had me in stitches.

Not to mention Greys is back this week along with Saving Hope tomorrow and law and order SVU tonight.

5) this e-card makes me laugh:

6) I am loving this look for fall. I need to get my hair done and I am not quite ready to get rid of the blonde, but do want some darker tones back and I think this is the perfect combo! I just need my roots to grow out a bit I think. 

7) I am loving the cherry cheesecake I made for myself Monday night at 9 PM... Yup another crazy craving and I am not regretting it! I am also loving bagels and cream cheese for lunch. 


Hilary said...

So glad fall TV is back!!

J and A said...

I'm so excited for fall TV even though I can only make it through one show after D goes to bed!! ha ha

J and A said...

I'm so excited for fall TV even though I can only make it through one show after D goes to bed!! ha ha


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