Wednesday, April 6, 2016

39 Weeks with Baby V2

How Far Along: 
39 Weeks - its baby week!!

Size Of Baby?

Maternity Clothes?
Yes, but if I'm not going out, you bet I'm in pj pants! 

Stretch Marks?
Nope! I find myself checking each morning! Grateful for being tall!

We will find out in less than a week!!

Girl names are still on the fence, but boy names are set. I have 2 of each!

Not great. Taking advantage of naps while I can. Pee breaks are more often as well over night!

Canned peaches, they are soo good! Oh and two bite brownies!

Head is back up in my ribs and I have been feeling a lot of rolling. Kicks and punches feel harder, but not as often!

Weight Gain:
35 pounds! Same weight gain with Noah, but feeling much larger, but with less swelling!

Anxious to meet this little one! Heartburn is back, as baby has moved up again! Baby is still breach! Nose is running a lot more. But I feel good and I know I will miss being pregnant! It feels soo crazy to have made it to my C-section date at 39.5 weeks!

What I Miss?
Sleeping comfortably.

Items Bought for Baby:
I bought a sound machine for the nursery - used, but now we have one!

What the doctor had to say? 
We just have a few more days to make it!! Despite my blood pressure not being stable, he said if I could just take it easy for a few more days, we can make it!! No protein in my urine and baby sounded good, but confirmed to still be breach! Another reason tacked on for a C-section. Consent forms were signed!

Making it this far and feeling pretty good for the most part!! I know I will miss this time with with just Noah and I and I will miss being pregnant!! Soaking up these last few days!! 

Our basement flooded 4 days before the baby will arrive. What a mess. Not at all what I wanted to deal with before baby!! 

Belly Button?
In, but part of it pops out when I laugh. Soo creepy! 

Bump Pic:

Photos taken on Baby Day!!

Looking Forward to: 
Meeting this baby!! Finding out the sex!! 

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