Thursday, April 21, 2016

First Day Alone with 2

The day finally came and I was a bit nervous in all honesty. Mostly nervous over the fact that I am recovering from a c-section and have limitations with lifting and what not and secondly nervous about lack of sleep and functioning a full day with enough patience and no help!

Well I am 3 days in and it's a heck of a lot easier than what I had imagined. We definitely have some work to do in the toddler listening department, however I am really happy with how it's gone down this far! I am not naive enough to know that we will have some really really rough days ahead, in the meantime I am taking each day minute by minute/hour by hour and we are doing great! 

A huge credit goes to Emilya, who is super laid back and an excellent sleeper. I am waking feeling soo rested, which is also key to my csection recovery and sanity. I am waking up around 7 AM when Noah gets up and Emilya is usually sleeping from about 5-9 AM, giving me time to pump if needed, feed Noah (and myself) and give him some one on one time! Having a renovation going on during our first week has had its challenges, but I am happy to say it is almost done - I am hoping by the weekend we can start moving stuff back in and make a trip to IKEA to get some storage solutions. 

My biggest goal, now that I am a mom of 2 is tandem napping, giving me time to myself to either just relax or attempt to get something done quietly or to nap, which is exactly what I have done all 3 days, is nap! Another key to feeling soo great post csection! 

On Day 1, M was home in enough time to help with preparing dinner, which was one less thing I had to deal with. It's rough timing trying to get dinner going, feed the baby - who is usually awake and wanting to eat from about 4:30-6:30, feed Noah, etc. Day 2 was dinner at the farm and yesterday was my first day to prepare dinner... M got a casserole out of the freezer in the morning, so I had to do was put it in the oven and of course I forgot! Didn't help that Noah was not listening, and Emilya just wanted to eat. 

So there we have it, we all survived, we were all tired by the end of the day, but overall, it was great. Yesterday was a true testament of my patience with Noah, as he must have lost his listening ears over night, so that was fun, but we made it. We will have our good days and our bad days, and believe it or not, this mama still hasn't HAD to have wine yet!! 

Being a mom to two is such a blessing and I truly am loving every single moment of it! 

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