Monday, April 4, 2016


So our weekend did not exactly start off the best. But we did make the best if the situation.

Just before noon on Friday, I happened to notice little puddles left behind from Lux's feet after he came upstairs - never a good sign. Noah and I were just about to go out and get lunch to have a lunch date with M. That plan changed quickly when I took two steps down the stairs and noticed a whole lot of water at the bottom of the stairs. Guess Daddy was coming home for lunch! 

I considered making an April Fools joke out of it and sending a pic to M telling him my water broke, but this was no joke - our finished basement was underwater. We had got a whole lot of rain Thursday and overnight. M came home quickly and discovered our one sump pump that had been dry for years was the problem. I guess the floater jammed. M had checked everything Thursday night before bed, and it was completely fine - such a fluke. 

I ended up calling the insurance company, after going down and seeing just how bad it was. The floors were like walking on wet springs and water would shoot up from beneath the floor boards as
you walked on them.

We put Noah's rubber boots on while we attempted to start the clean up. It was all fun and games jumping in the water until he fell and did not enjoy being wet at all. So Noah and I went into town for lunch and donuts... Donuts make everything better right?? 

After lunch M's Mom came and got Noah so that M and I could start cleaning up what we could. Luckily we didn't loose much, looks like just a few shelves, possibly some rugs, some pet toys, but nothing major. The damage was a bit more extensive than we thought and ended up going under our office space down there that was raised up. Insurance came out, assessed and had a crew come later that night to rip up the floors and get dryers in place. Needless to say our house is very loud with fans right now. 

I know, I know, we said no renos with this baby, but apparently life has other plans and we will be going through a renovation whether we like it or not. The good news is, we won't be doing it ourselves!! I realize it's going to be hard to get out to pick finishes and what not post c-section but I want the basement finished as quickly as possible.

Saturday was spent as a family! We were fort building and all. It is hard not having the basement to play in!! We also made some cookies and freezer cookie dough. 

We waited for the crew to come back to work on the basement again and then headed out to grab some groceries and pizza for dinner! Nap was cut short because of the workers, but suprisingky Noah kept it together. Noah was lucky and got a balloon from the pizza place and we had fun with that later.

Sunday morning started awfully early. Poor Noah has been having a hard time with sleep for the last 4 nights. He knows something is going on and has been crying for mommy nightly. We thought we had surpassed that Saturday night when he went to bed great, but woke up at 5:30 screaming for Mommy. I haven't been going up, just in case he does this when I am at the hospital and can't go up, we want him to be able to be soothed by Grandma who is watching him. We have talked to him quite a bit about what the plan is and he seems to understand it. So we are hoping this will resolve quickly. He went to bed last night without issue. 

M brought Noah down to our bed and he was just about a sleep and heard the sump pump go off and the just wanted to sit up and talk. So M took him back up to his bed, calmed him back down and got him to sleep. Poor guy, we are guessing it was a bad dream or something. 

We spent the day cleaning the main floor, tackling the last of the to-do list, we did a little photo shoot of  some product reviews coming to the blog soon, which I will say Noah was a trooper for! Here is a sneak peek: 

Noah was falling apart fast by 11 AM, since waking up so early. He ended up giving me a black eye from throwing a coaster that accidentally hit just under my eye. Of course it was the corner and man did it hurt! It's a bit swollen, but it looks like make up will cover it! Come 1 PM it was naptime for Noah and Mama!! 

It feels great knowing the house is clean, we are ready for baby, aside from the whole basement issues... 


Stacy said...

aww that sucks about the basement BUT I am sure it could have been worse. The timing for you sucks though, I'm sure it's not something you wanted to do right now.

Leigh said...

Oh man, sorry to hear your basement flooded. Such crappy timing too! Hopefully you are able to get it all cleaned up and fixed soon.


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