Thursday, April 28, 2016

Weekend Rewind... On Thursday

Yup, just recapping the weekend on Thursday... No big deal!! This week started off really good, but then Tuesday turned into Monday and today feels like it should be Friday. I did get Emilya's newborn photos back, so stay tuned maybe next week for those!

Friday night we did end up having visitors, but they came after Noah was in bed, so it worked out not too badly. Emilya is slowly getting used to others holding her. 

Saturday rnorning we got everyone ready to leave the house. M dropped Noah off at the farm for a breakfast date with Grandma, while I fed Emilya and got her ready to go to her first trip to IKEA! 

She actually did pretty good in the truck, for hating her car seat. She is much better at self soothing and putting herself to sleep than her brother ever was! But Noah was also better in the car seat than she is! To crazy how similar they are, yet soo different!! 

We got prime parking at IKEA, the store wasn't too busy, but busy all at the same time. We didn't really know exactly what we wanted, so we had to walk the show floor. Emilya was ready to eat again, so I walked and while nursing her and she fell asleep! We managed to find just what we needed and headed downstairs to collect the goods.

Emilya needed to eat again and we had brought a bottle, so I attempted to push our regular cart while giving her a bottle, which proved quite tricky, as I had 2 ginormous rugs in it. M went to collect the furniture. We lucked out with no line ups at the check outs and no wait time for loading up!! 

All smiles for her first IKEA trip! 

When Noah woke up from his nap at the farm, M went and picked him up and then it was time to get building all the new furniture! Noah was all about helping...

While Emilya was all about smiling and snuggling! 

Sunday morning we worked on finishing the furniture and cleaning the basement. Noah's new favorite hiding spot - until we put shelves in it.

Noah and I got a little one on one time while Emilya napped. Love this squish:

Carrie and Steve came over to visit, which of course Noah loved:

We had a great visit and wish they lived closer!! 

Once Noah was down for his nap, I worked on getting Emilya down for hers, so that I could have one myself. M's Mom ended up coming over to help with moving stuff back into the basement. I was going to help them with whatever I could, but this damn lifting rule really limits me, so they told me to take my nap. I managed to get an hour in before Emilya woke up. I also got the dining room all dusted and cleaned. 

We had a nice roast beef dinner with M's parents over and enjoyed a little visit. 

Most of the furniture is out of the bin, we just have all the boxed up stuff, but we plan to go through that as we bring it in. 

So we had a productive weekend to say the least. 

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