Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Well it's officially my first day on my own with 2 kids and suprisingly it is going better than I expected. I think I was most nervous about not being able to lift Noah, especially when he is being a typical 2 year old and doing what he prefers instead of what I ask, but with patience we making it by!! I may need a glass of wine tonight!

This weekend we had amazing weather and took advantage of that for the most part. 

Friday night we had company over to see Emilya and it was after this, that I have made a new rule that there will be no more company coming over until the basement is finished because I simply cannot have the house looking the way I would prefer when company comes over. As much as we are trying to keep the dust to a minimum, when new drywall is going up, it's pretty much impossible and not being able to vacuum myself is driving me nuts!! I know most say to enjoy the break, but vacuuming is my thing. 

Our visit was nice though and Noah had fun playing with thier son, but by the end of the visit he was spun like a top and it was time for bed! We kind of sucked at getting him to bed on time this weekend, but for the most part he was in a great mood. 

Saturday morning Noah went with Daddy to get the tractor so we could get rid of the dump wagon in the driveway, now that most of the gutting is done. This gave me some one on one time with Emilya, which I of course soaked up all the newborn snuggles I could.

I also got a bit crafty and attempted my first jersey headband for Emilya!

It's not perfect, but soo cute and soo fun!! 

When Noah got back he requested to hold Emilya!! 

They worked hard on cleaning up the back yard after naptime! Noah just soaked up all the time outside!! 

Emilya wasn't complaining much either!!! 

Noah went with M to take the backhoe back and ended up having ice cream with Grandpa. He came home singing "yummy yummy in my tummy" but when I would of ask him if he had ice cream he would say "no" with this cheeky grin! 

Silly kid! We finally got him to bed and then worked on getting Emma to bed next. She pretty much binge eats from 8:30-10:30 and then sleeps straight until 4/5 AM. This seems to be her trend lately, which I will not complain about. 

Sunday morning I pumped for the first time and was pleasantly surprised with the amount I was able to get!! My milk supply is soo much better this time around!! 

We dropped Noah off at the farm to help pick up sticks from the ice storm, while M and I attempted to run into town to get paint, trim and groceries. I say attempt because Emilya was really not feeling it. 

We had to stop to nurse her 3 different times, but managed to get the paint and groceries. We had a tight deadline being Noah's naptime and we didn't even make that, he ended up going down for a nap an hour later than we planned. We ended up waking him after an hour, as we had a birthday party to attend to! 

This little man had fun at the party:

And this little miss slept through the whole thing:

We bbq'd some chicken up and enjoyed a nice Sunday dinner! After dinner we surprised Noah with a bubble machine! We had talked about getting one for him for a while and I finally found one at Walmart! Needless to say it was a hit! There is a pretty funny video on Instagram of him loving it!! 

We got Emilya to bed by 10:30 and followed suit! I woke her up at 4 AM to feed! I will share our first day on our own in a seperate post. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 

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J and A said...

E is just so cute!!! I see so much of Noah in her but then don't in some photos!!


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