Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Let's rewind the weekend all the way to Thursday, after we arrived home from the hospital!!

We got settled at home before M's parents brought Noah home! We were able to surprise him with his gift from Emilya, which was a giant elephant and a big brother book! He was soo happy and kept saying "elephant!! Thank you baby!!!" M's Mom also brought us over dinner she had made for us, which we promptly ate since we didn't get home until 4:30 pm! 

Our evening was pretty straight forward, we just hopped back into routine. Noah was pretty happy to see us, so it took us some time to get everything done with a hyper toddler, but overall he went to be great!! 

Our first night at home was our best night with her since being in the hospital. She slept longer stretches, was awake from about 2-4-not crying, but she was awake. 

Friday we worked hard on getting Noah back on track with our expectations. He was pretty much testing us with what he could get away with and what we wouldn't allow, which is totally expected after being off his routine for a couple days. He was really good for M's parents luckily, with minimal issues. He knows Mommy can't lift him, so that brings its own set of issues, but we are working it out. 

I learned a valuable lesson to bend over when your child is running at you for a hug... His head is right at my c-section incision - ouch!! We all napped when Noah went down for his nap and just spent the rest of the day settling back in at home. 

Saturday I was hoping to hit up a mom to mom sale, but I didn't end up doing that because I figured it would have been too much! We did end up packing up to head into town for groceries, but a stop at the farm turned into feeding Emilya and lunch! We hit up the grocery store quickly, which suprisingly went well. It felt good to get out of the house! 

When we got home, the kids went down for a nap and so did I!! Turns out my Dad came over to visit while I was napping, but luckily he was still there when I woke up and he got some Emilya snuggles in before heading back to Florida!! The rest of the evening was pretty straight forward. 

I will take a minute to say how great Emilya has been sleeping!! She is giving us 5 hours stretches with us waking her up - 4 hours is her minimum. We were blessed with a great sleeper with Noah too, but had to wake him every 2 hours for the first few weeks because he was a preemie, so getting these longer stretches with a full-term baby is amazing!!! She is awake for about 2 hours in the middle of the nights but most of that is spent nursing anyways, so I don't mind. 

Sunday morning I had a nice shower and then my sister came over with the kids to see the baby. Mike and Noah ended up coming home at the same time with the dump wagon and tractor for our mini reno - more on that to come. They ended up staying for lunch and left around 1 PM. Noah had a blast playing with Hannah, it soo crazy how much he loves her and they play really well together!! After they left, M took Noah to the farm in the tractor, dropped him off to nap there, while we headed to Costco to look for flooring! We found the one: 

We also managed to get a few extra things as well - but suprisingly I didn't buy any baby clothes!! Lol! We headed to the farm for dinner, which apparently Emilya took quite seriously and literally ate the whole time!!! She has the habit of cluster feeding and then sleeps long stretches! We took some pics of Grandma and Grandpa with thier grandkids and called it a night:

Monday we had a check up for Emilya and I. My blood pressure is still borderline, so we are watching it closely and hoping I can get away without meds! Emilya did awesome! She is almost back up to her birth weight - which doesn't surprise me with the way she eats! 

Then in the afternoon we had Emilya's newborn photoshoot and lets just say, I cannot wait to see them all!! 


Christy said...

She is just perfect! I'm happy to hear all is well and you are home <3

Murdock's mama said...

Isn't it crazy to say KIDS?! I love it! Her newborn sneak peek photo is AMAZING!!! I can't wait to see the rest!! <3

purpun said...

Emilya is absolutely adorable and precious! So wonderful that she's already letting you sleep some nice stretches!
With how big this babe in my belly is feeling, I hope for a nice chunky guy that will sleep like a champ, haha.
Enjoy every second! Take lots of videos of those newborn expressions!


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