Friday, October 14, 2016

Happy Friday

And just like that it is Friday! Have I mentioned I love short work weeks... Obviously they aren't short for me, because I'm home everyday with the kids, but it means a break is coming sooner!

We have had a busy week and today was supposed to be a play date that ended up being postponed, which actually works out well for us to just have a slow day! 

We are making progress in the Music in Motion class. Noah is much more comfortable in the class, he didn't ask to leave at all this week. I still end up coming in the room with him, but I don't have to participate. 

I will also note the best improvement EVER falls on Emilya's part with rocking car rides!!! She is doing soo much better!!! She will fuss a bit, but it's not everytime or the whole ride anymore!! 

Yesterday I took the kids to their first concert- The Wiggles! I am glad I brought M's Mom along to help out because I couldn't imagine trying to get snacks and bathroom breaks with two kids on my own! But the show was amazing and the kids did fantastic. Emilya LOVED it just as much as Noah did!! The best part for me as watching the kids throughly enjoy themselves!! Noah also gave me a
run for my money on the popcorn!! He loves popcorn just like his mama!! If he wasnt up and dancing... Then he was doing this:

It was a great day!! 

Tomorrow we have family photos - fingers crossed the kids co-operate!! I have yet to figure out our outfits!! 

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