Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend Rewind

I can hardly believe Thanksgiving has come and went already, it seemed to be early this year. We did have a pretty good weekend though.

Thanksgiving leaves us feeling not only very thankful for all that we have, but also soo very blessed. Our minds can't help but to travel back to when we were trying for a baby and going through IVF. Thanksgiving marks our very first IVF cycle that failed. We can remember that pain like it was yesterday. It's hard waiting for something you want so badly, so having Emilya be apart of our family this year is just another blessing, something we weren't sure was possible and now we have 2 beautiful babies. Thanksgiving is just a reminder that hope will see us through, along with the help of family and close friends and some amazing doctors in this case. 

Friday M surprised us and was home early. We finished watching the ball game together and then headed to the park with the kids! Emilya was LOVING the swing! The rest of our evening was uneventful. After the kids were in bed I ended up having a few of the girls over for a bonfire. It was such a perfect fall night for a fire. Hopefully it won't be the last. 

Saturday morning was gymnastics. Noah did really well again, this is such a great class for him and I
love that it is his and Daddy's thing they do together. Em and I love watching. After gymnastics I hit up Walmart while M grabbed us all lunch. On the way home I stopped at the local baby store and picked up the cutest headbands - I know more headbands?? Is there such a thing as too many? I just think the top knot bands will be helpful with Em's hearing aid when she gets it! 

Saturday was spent doing laundry, tidying up the basement and just general chores and lots of family time! We let Noah dress himself after gymnastics since the weather is cooler and shirts are no longer warm enough. Come to mention it, we actually turned our heat on. 

Sunday morning I made apple crisp for Thanksgiving and actually this was my new recipe of the week. My usual recipe hasn't been working lately and I like a nice crispy top, so I followed this recipe and it was great!! I ended up doubling it, because I made a big pan of it, but you bet I will make it again!!


After naptime we got the kids ready to go to our family dinner. We failed at getting family pic and I am not going to tell you how many pictures we took trying to get a pic of them both smiling...but here are a few of what we did get:




Clearly we have some work to do before our family photos this weekend!! 

Little man wanted a pic all by himself:


We had a great time visiting with my side of the family. Noah obviously had a blast playing with the cousins, but Emilya was a little grumpy, over tired and was not loving how loud it was. We headed home around 7:30, listening to the ball game on the way home and then watching the rest of it when we got home and got the kids in bed. It was a great game and put us into the next round!! Go Blue Jays go!! 


Monday morning I worked on Emilya's drawers, as we are now transitioning her completely upstairs, which means her changing area in the mudroom is leaving. M and I are trying to come up with a new plan for the mudroom as far as layout and making best use of the space. One thing we have decided is that we will be building a closet, the wardrobe idea just doesn't work for a family.

 M and Noah went to the farm to get the pump and came home with the kobota. Apparently Daddy had a hard time saying "No" to Noah, so we had one happy little boy! The boys closed the pool together. 


I enjoyed a soak in the hot tub when the kids went down for a nap and when I came inside M went out to cut the grass. M's parents ended up coming home from the lake early and popped over, so we planned a last minute dinner with them at the farm. Emilya had a nice long nap! When she woke up we all packed into the kobota and by all, I mean Gracie too and headed over. 


We had a nice dinner and visit and came home just in time for the kids to have a bath together. M took Noah up to bed while I fed Emilya and then we put her down. 

We have a busy week ahead of us! Today Em gets her 6 months shots, tomorrow we have songs and stories at the library, Thursday we have his Music in Motion class and that afternoon we have tickets to go see The Wiggles and Friday we have a play date planned. I think it is going to fun week!! 

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I agree it did seem to come early. Though with the snow we got it felt more like Christmas!
What a fun week you guys have ahead! I need to start planning a bit more with other kids for A. We had 6 month shots today too!


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