Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Mid-October? How?? Geez time flies when you are having fun!!

Friday night was pretty uneventful - as in I cannot remember what we did, but if I had to guess we hung out at home and didn't do a whole lot! Oh and I did not sleep well at all!!

Saturday morning Noah woke up at 6 and he didn't sleep the best either. So we knew gymnastics was bound to be a joke, but he didn't do horrible for his tired state. Em's nap schedule has been off lately, so tandem napping did not happen. M ended up going to the fire hall to help out with something, so I didn't get much accomplished at all. 

We had family pictures at 5:30 and I had everyone's outfits all laid out and as I was getting myself ready, we discovered someone's outfit didn't fit well. Needless to say the 21 Day Fix is coming back to Casa Vance. It took M too one to find himself a new outfit that matched, so we made due. It was a beautiful evening and the photos went well. I won't say great, because let's face it, Noah is 2 and wanted to do what 2 years old do - run around and not stay still for a picture, so we will see what we end up with! We tried to get a pic of the two of them together and well it was big giant fail, just when we would get Noah to co-operate, Em wouldn't and vice versa. So we have some work to do with

We didn't get finished until just before 7,  so we grabbed food on the way home and ate it on the road. When we got home we put the kids right to bed!! Pretty sure I was in bed before 10! 

Sunday morning M had the firemans breakfast, which meant solo morning with the kids for me. We did goto the breakfast for a bit and Noah ate breakfast like a champ! 

Although coming home was meltdown central for them both- fun times! Mike was supposed be home by 12, so I could get my stuff done, but that didn't happen either. So I made it to town to get groceries eventually and home just in time to head out to my sisters for dinner!!

My Dad and C were down for dinner, so we enjoyed a nice family dinner before we had to head home for bath time. We refused to have another late night with the kids and Emilya was getting grumpy anyways - tired girl! 

So this weekend was not overly productive on the home front, but we did get family pics done, so that was one important thing accomplished at least! 

We have another busy week ahead. Yesterday we had play group, today I have the homeschool teacher coming, Wednesday is library, Thursday Noah had his Music in Motion class and Em has her appointment to get her hearing aid, Thursday night I have "book club" and Friday is nothing so far! 

Hope everyone had a safe weekend!! 


J and A said...

What a fun weekend. I can't wait to see the family photos!!

Leslie said...

I am sure your pictures turned out great! :)


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