Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend Rewind

This weekend was totally one of those weekends where nothing went as planned. It was almost like a special challenge for me to learn how to accept these kind of things, which you would think I would be good at by now with kids. But I am not! Kids sure do have a way of changing your plans, as do other circumstances and we just need to learn to roll with the punches.

Friday night was low key. I can't actually remember doing anything in particular, aside from hitting up the hot tub!! Oh I tried a new recipe for supper - it was a Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta dish. I found it on Facebook. It was alright, but nothing fantastic! 

Saturday I decided last minute to hit up a parent sale. However, it took special planning because M's truck is getting fixed, so he had a work truck home. I didn't want to take the kids, but Noah also had gymnastics at 10:30. So I left at 8:45 in the work truck to be at the sale for 9 when it started. I found a few shirts for Em and a pair of leather Mocs. I decided to hit up the grocery store to stock up on chicken breasts that were on sale and headed home. It was on my way home that I realized I lost my sunglasses while at the sale! I made it home just in time to put the chicken in the fridge and hop in the flex to goto gymnastics. 

After gymnastics we grabbed lunch and I decided to have Mike stop at the sale so I could run in and see if I could find my sunglasses!! Sure enough they were at the first table I thought of!! I felt soo relieved!! I hate losing things!! 

During naptime, M and I searched for a missing shoe of Emilya's, of course it is a Parker and Posie shoe - my fave and she's only wore them a few times. We have one, but not the other! Soo frustrating and we didn't find it!! 

We decided a soak in the hot tub on a beautiful fall day would suffice while both kids napped and then I had a nap myself! After supper it was pure shenanigans from these two! 

Once they were in bed, I updated my android box and then watch Me Before You! I loved the book and   believe it or not, I actually liked the book better! The movie was good though!! I bought the book sequel but have not started it yet! 

M ended up getting a fire call for a car on fire, so I ended up waiting up for him to get home after midnight. I don't sleep well if I know he is at a fire call, medicals, sure, but fires no. Emilya decided to have a horrible nights sleep. It was soo rough. We are pretty sure her top front teeth are bugging her. 

So Sunday's mornings plans went out the window. We were planning on hitting up the pumpkin patch as soon as it opened, but instead we let Em sleep. She didn't get up until almost 11, so we left by 11, there by 11:30 and Noah had a blast. Em enjoyed the train ride and watching her brother, but there really wasn't much for her at this age obviously. Noah had a blast with the air pillow, pirate ships jungle gym, slides, the bike track, bouncy castle and seeing the animals. 




It was just about lunch, the food line ups were crazy long, so we opted to go get our pumpkins and head home. And this is when shit hit the fan! I wanted to get a few pics of the kids, like I always do. Noah was having no part of it and when he would, Em wouldn't. Noah was having one melt down after the other because he was hungry and Em was starting to get hungry too. So we ended up with one pumpkin (instead of 4), 2 screaming kids and 2 adults done with the day. 

We came home, had lunch, got Noah in bed and then got ready to goto a funeral visitation. The babysitter came, yes, it actually worked this time and I left him with our sitter!! Yay!! The visitation was soo busy, we got home about 10 minutes after Noah woke up and he was not a fan that we weren't home. He got over it once we got home, and didn't want the babysitter to leave! Stinker! Em had fallen asleep at the visitation, so we let her sleep a bit longer at home as well. 

Once she woke up, we took both kids outside and I was determined to get a picture of the two of them! Our photographer wasn't able to get one during our family photos, and well the pumpkin patch was a fail, so I was going to make this happen! And I did and I love it! 



We had homemade pizza for supper, played and called it night for the kids. Emilya was being a stinker to get down, likely because of her teeth. So once we got her down, we went to bed by 10! Such a long day!

These next few days are likely going to be long for this mama, since M has training with the fire department both nights 7-11, so we might see him for an hour? 


Lindsay said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! I hate losing things too! Especially my sunglasses! I only really have one pair and feel so lost without them!
So I need to ask about the android box! We are considering one and I have NO idea how it works or anything! Please fill me in! ha ha! You said you downloaded Me Before You. Was it difficult?

J and A said...

Busy weekend for sure! I hate losing things too. So sad about the shoe. I bet she'd make just 1! :) Our corn maze visit looks like yours! So fun. Yeah I did not get any pics of them looking there. So distracting!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I still have problems accepting that things to do not always go as planned with kids too! I hate losing things too, we almost lost a boot of C's in Canmore and I made Chad hunt for it, her found it in a parking lot after an hour. I am crazy - I know.
Those photos of the kids you took are great, you did awesome!


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