Thursday, October 27, 2016

So What Wednesday

So What if... It's Thursday now instead of Wednesday. My days sometimes all seem like one. 

So What if... I wiped right out, flat on my back while playing soccer with Noah in the basement. Needless to say the ball didn't end up going far when I ran to kick it and wiped out instead. It is a LONG way down for this tall mama! Suprisingly the only thing that really hurt was my ribs. 

So What if... I can't keep socks on my toddler. He at least keeps his pants on... Right?

So What if... Sometimes I have a hard time taking my kid seriously... I mean - look at him...

So What if... Our nights of eating supper together as a family are done as the busy season for the business is here. It's become very clear that Noah cannot eat supper at 6 and then go to bed by 7:30. It just doesn't work.

So What if... We moved the kids bedtimes up a bit, the kids are now in the tub by 7 and heading upstairs by 7:30 instead of 8. It's at least the goal we work towards, although sometimes it fails. 

So What if... Since putting Noah in gymnastics, he has made my living room a circuit for jumping and tumbling. It does really drive me crazy.mi hate kids jumping on furniture! 

So What if... My kids had a 3 hour nap yesterday and this is what I did.... And yet I wonder why my house won't clean itself. I'm blaming the cold. 

So What if... I ended up catching Noah's cold. It's pretty minor, and more of just a pain in the ass... But it sucks!! I hate being sick! 

So What if... It snowed a bit last night. It was dark out, so I am pretending the dog didn't come in with it on her. 

So What if... Noah has his last Music in Motion class today and I am torn on signing him up for another 6 weeks, even though we have made great strides, I'm not sure what he gets from it, aside from social interaction, but we get that with other activities. He still insists on me being in the class with him, so part of me wants to keep going until he is comfortable with me not being in the room with him. We will see! I keep reminding myself that he is only 2!! 

So What if... One of these shoes was missing for a full month and we searched high and low, wasting way too much time looking for it and accomishing nothing and on Monday I spotted it just lying on the floor under Em's jumper. It had been under the curtain. I hate losing things. But I sleep better now, knowing it is found!! 

So What if... Emilya HATES avocado, it's not like anyone else in the house likes it either. I used to make Noah really tough it out and try things for 3 days in a row, but I really didn't care about avocado! I actually felt bad for her! I did make her try it for 2 days though. I made Noah try it and he told me it tasted like "carrot tops" - yummy? He didn't like it either. It must have been really horrible for Em, because I mixed it with banana, forgetting she also doesn't like banana anymore. Poor kid. 

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