Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend Rewind

We had such a nice and low key weekend, granted it rained most of the weekend, it was fine. We really just enjoyed the slow weekend as a family!

Friday night was spent getting the nursery cleaned up. M was adamant that Emilya was moving up there, whereas I was on the fence. I like my babies close and struggle with the transition more than the kids. The rest of the night was spent reading for me. I am reading Me Before You and it's due back next week, so the push is on to get it finished. It's such a good book, I don't want to miss out on finishing it!

Emilya woke around 3 AM and didn't settle until after 4 AM. M was up with her, since this was his brilliant idea, but I didn't sleep well at all. So I slept in until 8 and still woke up exhausted. We ended up running a bit late for gymnastics, but Noah did really well with the class! I love that he gets that time with M doing the class together, as much as I would love to do it with them, I like that they have thier own thing together and get that time together. Em and I enjoy watching anyways and the hour goes by so fast! We grabbed lunch on the way home and played a bit before naptime. 

Side note, our old house is on the market and well we went from being excited to see it and then 
majorly disappointed. It's hard seeing something you put soo much pride and hard work in look soo shabby and well... Not very nice. The craziest part is the price... They are asking almost 100,000 more than what they paid and have not improved anything at all. And just incase you are thinking it can't be that bad... Think red walls with leopard print curtains or plywood deck or paneling the walls... Yes panelling?? Oh and the beautiful floors we refinished... They covered them too! 

I ended up napping while the kids did. After supper we went for a walk and just had some family time before bed. I ended up reading over half of the book - it's soo good!! 

Saturday night Em woke up at 3 AM, so she definitely is not sleeping all night, but Noah doesn't seem phased by the extra noises, so that's good. I slept in again until 8 AM and then worked on some laundry after pumping. I'm pumping now every morning when I wake up and we give Emilya a bottle, now that she's waking in the night, we are very grateful for the extra bottle we get. 

My sister came over at 10 AM to go shopping, however, we did end up leaving until 10:30, by the time M got Emilya down for her nap! We hit up Marshalls and HomeSense first, where I got a baptism gift and a gold heart blanket for Emilya's room. We grabbed some lunch and then headed to Costco - it was a zoo, but I did get some Christmas shopping done!! My eyes are officially peeled for Christmas gifts and I ordered a book set for Emilya as soon as I got home. 

After we arrived home and my sister left, I had to pull Emilya's 9 month clothes - sleepers in particular, everything else in 6 months still fits! So I got laundry going, folded laundry, vacuumed, and we started making homemade apple sauce for Emilya! I had picked up a chicken from Costco for dinner, so it was a really easy supper. We decided to try for a walk despite the weather raining on and off and it did spit for a bit of our walk, but the kids got some fresh air, so we were happy. 

Sunday night I watched Heartland and read somemore of my book! Just about finished! 

This weekend I found out that I will be able to make it to the Luke Bryan concert at the end of the month! Soo excited!! Even if it means an overnight away from my babies!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Chloe loves her 3am wake up as well, I gave up hope on her dropping it lol. But its usually a quick 10 minute feed then we both get back to bed.
I did some Christmas shopping too! It feels so good to start, hey?! Most people think I'm crazy


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