Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

Wow, this week has been long and trying, if I'm being honest, but I find the week after a holiday to be that way most of the time.   
 Em has been stuck between taking a morning nap and not taking one. If she doesn't then she gets super fussy by 11:30 and if she does than she is hard to put down for the afternoon nap! I will say today she is on a roll with no nap, but it's also not 11:30 yet haha.  
 She is almost done her antibiotics and I made an appointment to follow up on her ears to insure the infection is gone. Can we just all be healthy already???

 Also on the topics of Em, she has taken her first steps!! One of my favorite milestones to witness. She will just do little stints, as she is not confident of the new found skill yet!!      

 We also got Noah's ultrasound results back and it is a lymph node, it looks fine, she isn't overly concerned and we will just watch it!!

     He's been having the rough week!! Three is hard!! With all this time outside lately, he hasn't not been coming in great and only wants to be outside. He is also taking FOREVER to eat meals lately, especially supper. It's painful. His new line on repeat lately is "but mom, I want to listen" or "I want to be a good boy". I'm sure you can imagine the response going through my head... at least he means well right??   
 We have made great strides in the potty training. He had a major regression with preschool, because he doesn't feel comfortable telling the teacher and then since he was getting away with it there, he thought he could pull it at home, well one big threat of going back to diapers did it and we have pretty much ditched pull ups all together. He did almost a week without issue, but yesterday wasn't a great day. So we have a sticker reward system in place and big prize after 2 weeks accident free with nap and bedtime exceptions. 

 Maggie's training has beeen going much smoother. She is getting better with not jumping up on people, and walking is going much smoother. We tried a family walk and she isn't quite ready for that yet, too distracting. It's a good thing Gracie isn't too upset about missing walks. She hasn't enjoyed walks since we lost Lily. Maggie's nose was a little out of joint when my Dad's dog spent the night, so we have had some behaviour issues with that, but I think we fixed that last night with a LONG training walk. I booked her spay for next month.

 What else has been going on? Oh this weekend we are going to see Peppa Pig Live!! Noah doesn't know yet, so we are looking forward to surprising him!!  
 I need to get Em's room done, it's driving me crazy and it's just all piling up in there! So hopefully I will find time for that this weekend! 

And it is officially 12 PM and Em is still surviving without melt down!!! Yay!!  

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J and A said...

Around that age I thought Ry was going to cut out his morning nap but now he's back on it. He can miss it if we are out and busy but he's better with one! What a smart girl Maggie is and getting so big so fast!!


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