Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Easter Weekend Rewind

Soo we will rewind all the way back to the Thursday before Easter. I ended up taking the kids in for an appointment to get their colds checked. We just can't seem to shake whatever we have. Noah turned out fine, but Miss Em had a double ear infection AGAIN!! Soo frustrating, because she just got off antibiotics just before her birthday, so either it didn't resolve or we got a whole new one. Our audiologist noticed it a bit pink on Monday and told us to follow up with our doctor at the end of the week. So more antibiotics for her. I also had her check a lump on Noah's neck. I assumed it was a lymph node, but it hasn't gone down since he was sick in October. It hasn't grown, but it hasn't gone away even when he was healthy. She said it could either be a lymph node or a cyst, but an ultrasound would determine that. It wasn't a big concern, but enough to get it looked at.   

 The ultrasound clinic called with a cancellation that night at 7 PM, that meant staying up past his bedtime, but we made it happen. He did pretty good, the hardest part for him was to lay still without talking - the kid doesn't stop talking and wanted to know what he was doing, what he was looking at, you name it - I say he got that part from his mama, but the non-stop talking is from Daddy! Haha. 
 The appointment was quick. When we got home he had a shower with M and then I promised him an episode of Bob The Builder. The Blue Jays were also playing, so we let him watching an inning with some Lux snuggles too!      
 Good Friday we spent outside working on the front garden and Mr. Noah had been bugging to ride his two-wheeler for a few weeks, but he struggled with it so much last fall we just kept putting it off because he was getting too frustrated. But we decided to give it a go and much to our surprise, he could do it!!! One little push and he was off pedalling. It will be a while before we can take the training wheels off, but we were soo proud of him!! What a difference a few months makes.      
 Em really just liked crawling around on the porch and pathway. As long as she is outside, she is happy!!      
 After nap we were all back outside working in the yard and next thing we knew it was supper time and we hadn't got anything out!! So these two went and picked up take out from the restaurant!! Nothing beats delivery from these two cuties!!     

 Saturday morning was rainy, we had originally planned to go to the village Easter egg hunt, but with the kids being sick, we decided to take an impromptu trip into town to the market and to pick up a few last minute things we needed for Sunday. We even stopped at McDonalds for breakfast and this guy had the whole play area to himself!!     

 The rest of the day was spent either playing or tidying up, or both.     
 Oh and little Miss Em decided to take her first steps!! We were all surprised and soo proud of her!! I love watching the kids experience their first milestones, being a parent can be soo trying at times, but by far the most rewarding!!     

 Sunday morning of course Noah slept in!! Stinker!! We ended up waking him up, so we could stick to our morning timeline since we were hosting Easter. He did a little egg scavenger hunter with his sister, which was tricky to separate the candy eggs for him and puff eggs for her!      

I am only posting the pics from my phone, not the ones off my camera, so you aren't seeing the pics of the two of them in the truck together, but they did have a blast until Em started getting tired!!
After breakfast we headed over to the farm for an egg hunt. We brought Noah's truck, so Em could ride along instead of carrying her. Maggie pretty much scouted out all the locations. We visited for a bit before heading back home for lunch and nap before all of my family came over.

 My Dad and C showed up first around 12:30 and the rest of my family, including M's parents came between 2 and 3! Em was less than impressed to have a houseful of 19 people in her space again, but she's gotta get over it!     

 M smoked 2 turkeys and we did a ham and potatoes. We had everyone else bring either a veggie, buns or dessert. So we had lots of food and it was really good!! The house cleared out around 7 with the exception of my Dad and C, who were spending the night. After we got the kids down, the rest of the evening was forcing Maggie and my Dad's dog to work things out. 
Monday morning, Noah was pretty sad to see Dad and C leave, he sure loves his Grandpas!!! 

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J and A said...

Sounds like a fun Easter and lots of yummy food! Great family photo too, I need to get better at taking those!


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