Friday, April 7, 2017

Emilya's Birthday Weekend

Wow, what a whirlwind weekend!! 

Friday night was spent working on Em's slideshow, we didn't really do anything exciting, yet somehow I stayed up past 11:00... only to wake up super early on Saturday morning.

  I was all about getting out of the house before 7:30, that way I could get to market early to get buns for the party. Well it was going good, I was gone by 7:30, got all the way into town, just about to go in the market and realized I didn't have my wallet. Happy April Fools to myself... ugh!!! If only there was someone to jump out and say just kidding... So I went in, ordered the buns, the lady was willing to hold them for me while I went back home to get my wallet. So it was after 8 before I got back to market, where I bought some lunch meat, the buns and flowers. Then it was off to run the rest of my errands. I finished right at 9:50 and of course Noah had gymnastics at 10:30 in town, so I ended up meeting them there.  

Gymnastics went much better today. He was welling up, but he pulled it together, I may have bribed him with a treat if he didn't cry, but it worked. He enjoyed his class, was able to understand was was expected of him and he did great! We were soo proud of him!!! 

I brought Em right home afterwards while the boys grabbed lunch. I unloaded the car, just in time for the boys to get home. We had lunch and then next thing we knew it was naptime!! Which meant more party prep time. I worked on the slide show of Em's first year. The rest of the day was pretty much spent tidying up the toys in the basement, playing, supper and then bedtime. Once we got the kids down, we decided to change the great room around and well, it was a big fail. We didn't like it at all!! I guess now we know? But a big waste of time. 

We also bathed Maggie before the kids went to bed- needless to say we had lots of help!!

I stayed up way to late again, and woke up super early again. But Sunday was party day!! Unfortunately Em wasn't feeling her best, her cold was back with a vengeance. We made her party a morning party, since that is when she does best, but either way it didn't matter, as she wasn't at her best. Add in 30 people and she was just not feeling it. She was pretty much just there, no smiles, just overwhelmed and happy to be held. Poor girl!! 

  I of course failed at taking before pictures, just as I did with Noah's, but it was cute!! Our theme was pink and gold unicorns. I'll let the pictures do the talking:  

We had all the kids make a handprint unicorn to take home:

I soo regret that birthday cake banner!!

All the cousins kiddos together:

The party décor - picture I took after!!

Her smash cake:


We were soo pleased to have soo many family and friends come over, heck my cousins from Saskatchewan made a special trip down. I was soo surprised and soo happy to see them and catch up!! It also gave Noah some time to play with Briar!! 

My cousins stuck around for a bit, giving the kids some one on one playtime and letting us catch up! Em was much happier with the smaller crowd and seemed to be back to her happy self! I think she was just overwhelmed with the large crowd, on top of not feeling the greatest!

After everyone left, we got both kiddos down for a nap. We tidied up and enjoyed some downtime ourselves before waking the kiddos to head to the park for some family fun, letting us take in the gorgeous weather.

We had a low key evening, just what we all needed after a busy day/weekend!

Monday was also a quiet day. These two had fun entertaining each other!


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Awe too bad she did not feel good for her party! It looked great and awesome turnout too!

J and A said...

Her party is so pretty! So sad she wasn't feeling herself though! :( Such a cutie!


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