Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesday Things

Sorry these weeks have been busy and we are all still down with this bad cold, add in nice weather means I am not finding time them sit and write. I have lots of posts started, but not yet finished!    I've been staying up too late for this body of mine and I am thinking after Easter I might just relax and slow down, well as slow as starting up the 21 day fix will permit that is! Yes, I am finally ready to make a change and get back on track! This mama wants her body back and we have officially stopped breastfeeding, so I have no excuses!! I am actually looking forward to it!!    So what have we been doing?    We took a fence down, we are training Maggie, Em got her hearing aid, lots of family walks, tonight I am hosting a dōTERRA make and take class, we are hosting Easter this weekend with my family - which I am looking forward to!! All my favourite people together celebrating at my house!! It's going to be fun!!   So what I will say is that I am trying to get back to this space of mine!!     


J and A said...

BUSY!!! I hear ya - life is crazy! I never seem to have time to slow down!! YAY to starting back at your wokkouts, they are the best Mommy time!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

It's tough to find the time to sit down these days! Take the pressure off and do what you can!


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