Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Last Weekend Rewind

I know... this recap is from LAST weekend, I will get caught up one day??!!    
Friday I nursed Em for the last time. It was bittersweet. I loved that time with her, but with her being one, I just knew I was ready to be done. If she had her way, we would have kept going I'm sure, but she was down to nursing once a day. She is super snugly and demands that one on one time snuggling still, so I'm happy we can still snuggle and cuddle a lot!!          
 I went out with my girlfriend shopping for the evening and that was about it. I can't even say that I bought anything too exciting, aside from a decorative box for Em's hearing aid and some make up organization sorters.         
 Saturday morning was gymnastics, Noah did pretty good with the separation anxiety, but not so great with the listening. I don't know  how the coach does it. One coach with 7/8 kids is crazy. It's like herding wild cats really. It seems as though just most of the, didn't feel like listening and well she didn't really have control over the class, so while it was sang entirely Noah's fault, we did have a talk after and he didn't get a special treat after that class.          

 After nap, we spent the rest of the afternoon outside. I power washed the deck, while M and Noah did some yard work. 

Oh and my 3 year old taught me how to drive the backhoe. Crazy the things this kid knows. I'm really not joking either. His instructions also included "be careful Mom, you can't hit anything" and when we approached the stop sign "you need to stop here and look both ways." When we got home, he gave me a big hug and told me I did a great job!! I love that kid... 

Miss Em enjoyed her first bubble bath!! 

Sunday morning we had our first swimming class!! Noah did pretty good, he cried a bit, but worked it out and had fun. It was his fist class without us in the class with him!!  Em also had her first class and she LOVED it!! She pretty much smiled the whole class!! 


After nap, we had some friends come over dinner and they helped take down our fence on our driveway side. We haven't heard anything regarding our fence in the backyard- as you can see we are still sporting the snow fencing. I think I will miss the brightness.

We smoked ribs for supper, and the kids sure did have fun playing and they all played soo well!!  

 And since the deck was cleaned, that meant this little Miss could crawl around on it without getting too dirty!! She loved the new freedom!! 

Sunday night I started the dreaded leash training with Maggie. Holy heck it requires a lot of patience and stopping and correcting. I ended up figuring out a method for her and it got better as we went on. 


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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Awe Em looks like she is having so much fun in the pool! I am worried about A doing swim without me so have her in a swim camp this summer then in the fall she can do lessons at the same time I do them with Chloe.
I have no idea how any teachers do it with all those kids, I can barely control my two some days!


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