Friday, April 28, 2017

Another Weekend Rewind

Ok almost caught up in the way of weekend posts that is! I still have birthday posts, vacay posts and other life updates to do, but one thing at a time right??  

I seemed to think that this past weekend was going to be less busy, but in all honesty it was busy.    
 Friday night I had book club, and well let's just say I didn't home until 2AM!! I don't let that happen very often and my walk home was a chilly one, but it was a fun night!!      
 Saturday morning came early, but it was pretty low key. We did a market run right before gymnastics and then headed straight to the gym. I've decided I'm not a fan of our coach this season, she really has no control over the kids and just doesn't watch them all that great. This past week, a little girl fell and started crying, while that was going down, Noah ran out of the gym and into the complex, where I found him. The coach was just alerting the gym owner when I went in the gym. The owner apologized and asked why he ran out and I said because he was scared because the other girl was crying. We will finish this session, but I likely won't put Noah back in for a few sessions. It's a hard enough age.  
 After the kids nap, we packed up and headed to London for the Peppa Pig show. Noah had no clue where we were going until he saw the stage and was super excited. Both kids LOVED it! 

Check out my Instagram to see video. It was a lot of fun!! We managed to keep both kids awake on the way home and got them in the tub and then bed right away.  
 I stayed up late again Saturday night but for no apparent reason, but I did manage to sleep in until 9 and the kids slept in too, just not that late.      
 Sunday morning we had swimming. Noah did much better this week and well Em just loves it all!! After swimming we had 2 quick stops to make before heading home for lunch.  
     It was such a nice day out, instead of working in Em's disaster of a room, we worked and played outside again!! 

When it came to bathtime, we decided to give Noah his Easter bath bomb that had a paw patrol figurine in it, much to his surprise!! He was soo impressed!!! 

I will have to recap this past week next week, because it's been busy. My Dad has been down all week.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

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J and A said...

So much fun!! I tried to get Peppa Pig tickets but it sold out in like 0.4 seconds here.


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