Thursday, May 4, 2017

Let's Talk About ME

It has happened, my baby has turned ONE, life isn't slowing down at all and I am literally struggling in most aspects of my life in one way, shape or form.   
  So I have decided that it is time to work on ME. It's always been my motto to be the best me I can be and I haven't been! It is time for a change. It is time for a challenge. This girl is tired of quitting, I'm tired of starting over, I'm tired of the excuses. I deserve better!
  The plan? Well my goal is to:  - workout 5x a week. I am starting with 21 Day Fix, because I know the workouts and I really do enjoy them, except cardio fix - I don't love that one!!  - drink 3-4 contigo bottles a day! - take at least 30 minutes of me time a day - to read, write, or do something for ME - take care of my skin. It's not getting any younger, so I am trying a new skin care line that I will hopefully love - so far so good!! - I'm loving my essential oils and do notice they help me a lot as well.  - take my daily vitamins  -  eat healthy. I struggle with this one big time. I don't actually enjoy fruits and veggies like most. So in order to drop the weight, I am going to do the diet plan with the 21 day fix, because I know it works. I know diet is 80% of my problem. So I am thinking once I do a couple of round to drop the weight, then I can just maintain with portion control.  - work on my patience and parenting style. There is going to be a lot of personal development going on around here.  I'm looking to make a full on lifestyle change. I know I feel good when I workout, it's a good release of stress, etc. Finding time to fit everything in is tricky (obviously I can hardly keep up with my blog).  All of these changes are not going to happen overnight and are going to take time to see results. But it's something I NEED to do!!   
  I actually started an accountability group on Facebook to help me get going, because I know that really helps me. Feel free to let me know if you want an invite. I was posting it all on Instagram, but I do plan on posting in the group instead. If I set smaller goals to help me get to my ultimate goal, it's also helping.    It's going to be hard, and yes, easy to give up, but I am ready and to me, you have to feel ready in order to accomplish something. I have a lot of work to do.   
  So that's the plan. It's where I'm at! I have a lot of great people helping me out along the way and cheering me on! I need the check ins to help me keep going! 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I love 21 Day Fix for the same reasons! I posted a similar post today too, since I have some improvements to work this month too.

Murdock's mama said...

I hear you loud & clear mama! Some stuff going on over here! Good'll rock it!!

Lindsay said...

I would love to be part of the accountability group! The eating is seriously my biggest issue too! Why do I have to love food so much? ha ha!

J and A said...

Looks like a great plan! Love the fix workouts and the meal plans, so simple to follow! You're going to rock it! Food is definitely my down fall for sure.


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