Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Weekend Rewind

The rain has finally ended and we have sunshine!! That was a long 4 days!!!

I'm going to rewind all the way to Thursday night! We were just finishing up dinner and saw an ambulance go by, which of course grabs any toddlers attention. Turns out it stopped at our neighbours!! They are an older couple, so M went right over to check on them. Turns out P had had a procedure earlier that day and is diabetic, he had passed out 3x and wasn't doing well, so they took him in the ambulance.

I ended up taking his wife up to the hospital so she didn't have to drive. Noah was pretty worried, we talked about it when I got home and he seemed better.

 As soon as he woke up on Friday morning he wanted to draw the neighbour a picture and give him a hug! How could I say no!! So he put this together for him, putting stickers on the back and all and I ran it over and taped it on their door for when they got home!

I was soo proud of him for wanting to do that.    
 Later that morning he had a shopping date with Grandma, while Em and I had a little girl time

Mikes ball ended up being cancelled because of all the rain, so I took advantage and did a few oil drop offs and ended up helping a friend make a diaper cake!! We did learn some new bow making techniques. 

Saturday morning was gymnastics and it did NOT go well. I think the rain had all the kids just wired. We decided to run a few errands afterwards, which went well as far as the kids went, but people were just miserable and impatient and didn't know how to drive!! 

When the kids went down for a nap, I decided to lay in bed, snuggle with Mags and start my book club book - Still Alice. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing in the basement. 

Sunday morning we woke up to sunshine!! What a pleasant sight after not seeing it for soo long!! We all had to get ready for Hannah's first communion. Somehow we forgot to do hair cuts on Saturday, so I ended up cutting both boys hair! I will say nothing is more haunting than hearing Noah say "look Mom I can do it too" with scissors in his hand... my bad! Luckily he didn't do much damage. 

Does anyone else iron kids shirts with their hair straightener? 

I had straightened my hair and didn't want to heat up the iron... I only needed to do the cuffs and collar. 

We ended up parking right by the old train station in Tillsonburg and Noah was obsessed with this caboose. Now granted we bribed him to sit through church like a good boy and he could go on it!! 

This is pretty much my new favorite pic of him!!! He is soo grown up these days!! 

We went back to my sisters for a little gathering before we headed home for naps! 

Why is taking family photos soo challenging??? 

After nap we had to get these kids outside while the sun was shining! It was cool, but cabin fever is a real things after all the rain we had!! I also had to get Miss Maggie out for a walk. She chewed her leash in half, so I had to use the extend-a-leash and let's just say our walk was horrible, that leash is only good for rollerblading or running with her. 

Monday I had to take Em to the audiologist and I am finally happy to report she is infection free!! Let's just say I couldn't be happier!!! 

This big guy had fun with Grandma while we were gone! 

And Miss Em had other plans for naptime while I was trying to work out. Cursed car naps... I did get the workout in!! Turns out she is also working on not 1, but 2 molars!! 

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