Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

Friday was pretty laid back around these parts, we had fencers come to start the fence and let's just say, they are not all that quick. They managed to get some of the fence posts in... They were supposed to come back on Saturday, but they didn't, so we will see if they show up today!  
 It wasn't the nicest day out, just gloomy and windy. When M got home, the kids went outside with him, while I took Maggie for a walk. I started using the haltie and she walks sooo much better on it, granted she isn't a fan of it at all, but it works. M had baseball, so we got the kids to bed and the rest of the night was spent relaxing and catching up on my shows. I also did some reading before bed too. 
 Saturday morning wasn't off to a great start. It was the first Saturday M had to work and we had one little boy who wanted Daddy. He also no longer wanted to listen to Mommy, so that was fun. We managed to make it to gymnastics, but as I mentioned before we really are not enjoying this season. Noah did pretty good considering, but we did have some issues. M's Mom came to help me with Em and they had a much better time this week!!  
 On our way home, we noticed a lot of smoke towards home, turns out M got a firecall for a structure fire, which meant he was going to be later. The kids and I had lunch, played for a bit before naptime. I got the clothes hung on the line, and did some house work while the kids napped. M was actually home in decent time. When the kids woke up, we went outside to play!  I really just wanted the kids to get some Daddy time, so I cut the grass while they played. Em discovered she can climb up on the wicker couch:

We headed into town afterwards to get groceries and pizza for dinner!! After dinner we went for a walk/bike ride for this guy:

I cant get over how well he is doing soo quickly!! 
After we got the kids to bed, I took Maggie for a walk (she can't do family walks yet, because she gets too distracted and I can't risk setting back our training success at this point). My feet were awfully sore, so I decided to bust out the foot spa and have a detox soak. 

Sunday morning was an early start, but Noah was just too excited to see me! They got me flowers, a card and my new skin care line!
After breakfast we got the kids ready to go to swimming. It was review week and so far Noah is right on track and is able to do just about everything required to pass. He just needs to work on floating - that requires staying semi still lol. 
Em enjoyed her class as well:

Even the life jackets weren't all that bad, but she was not a big fan!!

We had a few quick errands to run before heading home with lunch. We had thrown togetehr some super last minute plans and had my mom, Mike's parents and my sisters family come for dinner. 

We put the bouncy castle up for them to play and they all had fun playing. We had a nice steak dinner with yummy DQ ice cream cake!!! 

After dinner we made my one request for the day was to get a picture of myself with the kids:

It's crazy how chaotic life can be, but I wouldn't change a thing!!

I had a great Mother's Day! I am honestly soo grateful for my children. I can't help but to remember how lonely this day can feel. Being a Mom is the most challenging job I will ever have, but it is the very best. 

We are currently transitioning to M's busy season and Noah is having a hard time with not seeing Daddy as much. So it's making for really long days!! I think as much as M counts down the busy days, we do too, just for different reasons.

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