Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 2-4

This long weekend is never all that exciting over in these parts because M works it. 


 Friday night M did not have baseball!!! The kids had monster naps, so we let them stay up late and played in the backyard instead. We showed Noah how to play baseball and he is actually quite good at it!! We knew the kid could throw, but he is actually pretty good at hitting the ball too!!! He swears he is going to be a blue jay when he grows up!!  

Em wasn't all that keen on staying up and it didn't work in our favour for Noah either because he still woke up at 6:20. 
Saturday morning we opted to skip out on gymnastics, since I didn't have any help with Em and she won't just stay in my arms anymore - miss squirmy wormy! But you know what? We didn't even miss it!! 

We had a nice low key morning, good afternoon naps and some fun outside!!
 Em has come up with a new hobby... dirt eating! Yum!!

After supper we decided it was time to reward Noah for saying good bye to pull ups officially. He will still wear them to bed, but not for outings anymore. He said been ready for a while, but we either forgot to give him his gift or M and I just didn't feel like ready! But Noah was excited about the decision! And he loves his new loader - it came with a tool to take it apart and put it back together!! 

Sunday morning Mr. Noah helped Daddy with breakfast:

We also had swimming! Noah did pretty good listening, but they let him have toys in the class and that can be soo distracting to three year olds. 

Em did great, she went under water this week with no complaints. We are trying to teacher her how to blow bubbles, but it's kind of a joke at her age!!

  My sister and I went shopping in the afternoon, we hit up Costco, where I found this yummy smores pie. It's hard to turn down anything smores!!!  

I also got some pool floats, a float/lounger, shorts for Noah, groceries, etc. We went to Michaels looking for shrinking plastic and apparently they are sold out Canada-wide. Amazon to the rescue!!          It was a nice afternoon out, and it turns out I found new flooring that I love!! It's going to change our whole main floor (as we are going to redo the foyer, kitchen, great room, dining room, and master bedroom). We NEED to replace the great room/kitchen area for sure because of when we had the roof off the house, the moisture damaged the floors. Our bedroom floors are from my sisters house and the dining room is hardwood that we don't love. I think it will just look soo nice to have the same flooring mall throughout! 

 BUT! The change doesn't stop there.... if I go with this new flooring, it will not match my kitchen cupboards, so I will also be painting my cupboards white. I've dreamed of a white kitchen for soo long and considered this change for years, but painting wood scares me! But we are going for it!! I'm a little scared, but I think it will look great!! 

Mikes Dad came over dinner and played with the kids after supper and next thing we knew it was bedtime. 

 Mike was working on Monday, so I decided to be brave and take the kids to the Victoria Day parade on my own. The only trick I came across was when Noah said he had to pee.... I ended up asking the people beside us to watch our things and I took Noah to go pee in the parking lot!! I was grateful for a boy at that moment haha. We all enjoyed the parade, I am glad I went and will go again!!


Oh and we actually figured out why Noah is waking up soo early - he has to pee!! Sooo I can't really be mad about that, but we take him to pee and then he has to stay in his room until 7AM. 

After nap it was playtime outside before dinner. 

Em sure does love truck rides!! 

And that was our long weekend!! 

Tonight we are off to get our new flooring!!! 

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I lived across from a baseball field growing up and loved watching the little kids play t-ball! So cute!
I hear you on squirmy one year olds ;)
That is awesome for Noah and pull-ups!
I LOVE my white kitchen - and actually find it less dirty looking than dark cabinets - they show everything!


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