Friday, May 5, 2017

Weekend Rewind

Almost caught up on the daily life!!! Phew!

 So let's go back to Friday. M called me Friday around 5 PM to tell me that someone broke into his truck and stole his lunch pail with his wallet in it, his laptop, along with 2 other wallets and a cell phone from his employees. So needless to say, he was home late by the time he talked to the police, etc. What a pain in the butt!!   

 So Saturday morning M had to go get a new ID, health card, and replace his lunch pail, the laptop, etc. This meant I had both kids to take to gymnastics. 
Because of the issues last week at gymnastics, I wanted to stay in the gym with him, so we had M's Mom come to help watch Em, so I could focus on Noah. Em was not a fan of this idea, and was super clingy with being sick, on top of what we assume is teething. M's Mom ended up pushing her stroller around while she cried herself to sleep. Look at this pug face:  

 M met us to pick up lunch with Noah and we came home to eat and get the kids down for a nap. M went back out to finish his errands

 After nap, we decided to bring out the bouncy castle since the weather was decent!! Em LOVED it!! Noah did too, but now that Em is more mobile, she's a big fan, especially when her brother jumps!! 

My Dad took us out for dinner at the restaurant and it was actually enjoyable with two kids haha. 
After we got the kids in bed, I took Miss Crazy for a walk to run off some energy before I went out for the evening! 

A bunch of girls on our book club went to the village pub for karaoke night! It was super busy, but a whole lot of fun! This mama got home at 2 AM! Let's just say Sunday morning came early despite sleeping in until 8:00! 

We had breakfast with my Dad before he headed back home and we went swimming class. Noah sure will miss having him around. 

After swimming we went to the farm for lunch! This guy was pretty happy to have seen both grandpas on one day!! 

Miss Em is obsessed with this chair too!!

The rest of the day was pretty low key at home.

Now onto another weekend and it's pretty wet and soggy around these parts!! 

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J and A said...

Boo to someone breaking in to M's truck!!! GRRRR I am glad you had a fun night out! Those are needed. :)


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