Wednesday, May 3, 2017

WeekLy Rewind

As I mentioned in Friday's post, last week was crazy busy!! So I will quickly recap what went down.    
 Monday: we skipped Em's nap (she was not impressed) and went to play group. When we got home, my Dad called and said he was an hour out!! Crazy mommy brain forgot he was coming!! Oops!
I got the kids down for a nap, worked out and next thing I knew it was time to head to the park for a play date!! My Dad ended up meeting us at the park, so this guy loved driving his truck home:  
 Noah sure was happy to have Grandpa here! It was a long winter without him!!

After supper we braved a family walk with Noah riding his bike the whole time and we discovered as well as Maggie is doing on her training, she is not quite ready for family walks. They are just too distracting for her.                          
 Tuesday: Em's teacher came for their session. The kids played. Dad was back from hunting after nap, so these two opened a kinder egg!

Noah realized Dad was wearing glasses and he thought he better wear his too!!
Then we played outside with bubbles!! This girl was all smiles even after we came in!!

Wednesday: We went to the Songs and Stories program at the library. Noah and I also baked cookies!!

Miss Em thinks the dogs are her new walkers, the good news is when she uses Gracie, Gracie is slow enough, Maggie is not!! 


After nap, Noah played outside in the back yard. While I was getting his truck out for him, Emilya decided climbing in her book bag was a good idea!!! She is trouble!!! 

I made chicken parm for dinner, just as I had promised my Dad and it turned out really good!! 

After dinner Dad and I took the kids for yet another walk!! M was home late from work. Look at these two:

And check out the arm behind Noah. Gosh she is just the sweetest and has the softest soul!

 Thursday: Mike's Mom came over to watch Noah while I took Em to the doctors to see if her ear infection had cleared and of course it had not. This is beyond frustrating obviously. Neither one of us felt comfortable giving her another antibiotic - she's been on 2 now, back to back. She told me to call our ENT. I called from the car and it turns out our ENT just had surgery herself and is off. They told me to go to Emerg to see the ENT on call. I also did not want to do that! So I went back in to tell the nurse and she prescribed another med.

I really didn't feel comfortable with the idea, so I had M's Mom come back to watch Noah and I took Em up to Emerg in London. My Mom came with me to entertain Em. We waited 3 hours, they confirmed infection and ended up calling my ENT at home. They gave her two antibiotic shots and another 10 day course of antibiotics. We will be following up with both her and our audiologist. 

We ended up having dinner at the farm and once we got the kids down, I headed into town to get Ems script. 

      Friday morning we went to watch Dancefest that Hannah was in. It was great getting to watch her, but the program was quite long to sit through, especially with two kids, one of which just wanted to be on the go (Em). We picked up lunch and headed home.

I was happy to see my replacement Otterbox had arrived.

Miss Em was in a crazy mood most of the day!!

But she did finally let my Dad hold her without crying!! Apparently she forgot who he was after being gone for 6 months.

I was going to recap the weekend as well, but clearly this post is long enough, so I will get to that by Friday!! Bad enough I'm posting this in the evening. 

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