Friday, February 4, 2011

Finally Friday

Monthly Monday is back this month! I just wasn't quite ready for it last month! We just had waay too much going on! This month we have a lot happening as well, but I need to stop using that as an excuse!

We have managed to get a lot accomplished in the last 2 months though, so we will do a mini version of finally Friday! So here is a list of what was completed:
  • I got a bedroom door!! M did it all by himself and I painted it! We had it just in time for New Years!
  • We got a blind for the bedroom door, since we got a door with glass in it (single french door). We went with a dark bamboo roller shade, so light could still get through, but provides enough privacy!
  • We got Gracie a bigger dog kennel! However, we have started to leave time out when we are away for short periods! So far soo good!
  • I made the KING size dog bed!! I will post more on this later.
  • We made a new gazebo top for the hot tub! This was hard work, I was happy to have M's mom come and help!
  • We switched the great room around.
  • We also switched the master bedroom around!
  • We cleaned the office and it was a pain in the butt and is still really hard to keep clean!
  • I bought my indoor recycling bin.
  • I died my hair, but I will probably have to do it again before my trip, we will see though!
  • I got a blackberry and I probably love it, I am not ready to admit my true feelings for it yet, but it is pretty cool!
  • I have been cooking more!! So far nothing has been a complete bust!
  • I got new curtains for the great room (not sure if I love them or not, but got a good deal), bedroom and bathroom!
  • Worked out a little more, but I'll be honest, not enough!
  • The pool table has been set up and played on!
  • We started working in the back basement and got rid of a big box of stuff!
  • At Lily's last check up, she had not gained weight!! She remained the same! This was a small victory!!
  • We hosted several parties and dinner parties!! Soo much fun!
  • Bought the dance game for the Xbox Kinect, tried it out a few times.

Monthly Monday will be back next week! I have a whole new list of things that should get done!! Do you have any big plans for this month?


Kari said...

Wow you've been busy!

Jessica said...

You will become addicted to your blackberry!! Haha!

Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

Wow! Glad you've gotten so many awesome things accomplished! Hope it warms up for y'all real soon! Have a blessed weekend! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for a bedroom door! I just wanted to thank you for entering the newlywed giveaway, and supporting Nakate. We appreciate every little bit of help we can get!


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