Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tease Me on Tuesday

I am sorry to keep posting about vacation, but I feel that is all I have to talk about right now. I checked the weather in Dominican and it is 27 and feels like 37. How long will this week last?! I would like to be in Dominican today. I have only teased myself furthermore by viewing pictures online of the resort we are going to!

I will change the subject to The Bachelor! I am going to have to admit I am becoming a fan of Chantel! Yes, she is a bit of an emotional roller coaster, as everyone else thinks as well, but who wouldn't be in her shoes? I suppose I would be like her, if I were in her shoes, after all he is dating 2 other women now and they are all at more serious stages now. How hard would it be to believe in something part-time?! I guess seeing her more in her element did it for me! Also Brad blended well with her family and her dad!

I am kind of glad Shawntel went home, as sweet as she was, I just didn't see things working out, especially after her hometown date. It seems as though her life has been laid out for her, and yes if you meet the right guy, you could change your life plan, but at the same time if you met the right guy he would work into your life. I also thought it was weird how he was flexible to move with the other girls, but not her?! I also didn't like how she forced her career on him. That is such a personal career and I don't know many people who could be morticians or funeral directors. I know I couldn't!

I am not Ashley's biggest fan, although I think we got to know her a bit better last night! I see how important these home town dates are, it really lets the girls be themselves! I also had to laugh about the poutine thing, because I live in Canada, it is pretty much weird to not get poutine! I don't like it myself, but only because I am not a gravy fan! I also thought it was cute when she noticed his crown! However, it turns out she is not quite done her schooling? So is she actually a dentist yet? She doesn't want kids? She doesn't know how she feels about Brad... too many red flags!

Emily's home date was sweet. Her daughter was super shy, but it seems like they made the best of it. Brad seemed weirded out by it all though at the end of the night! I don't know that I see him jumping into that role just yet. I thought he made it awkward and he would barely make eye contact with her. She brought up valid points too and I get he was probably just being respectful, but the girl wants a kiss! I really like Emily, but I am not sure that Brad is the one for her after last nights show.

Next weeks episode looks really good and I doubt I will be watching it! I am super jealous of South Africa! Talk about dream location!! I think that would just be amazing!! I really thought next week would be the stupid girl's tell all episode, which I cannot stand watching, but no, they go and make it a good episode!! Damn!!

I really don't have much else going on right now. My posts may be more limited right now as we are packing and getting ready to go.


Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Thanks for sending your puppy photo! So cute!! :) We watched the bachelor too... I am still pullin for Emily!

Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

Not going to lie-I haven't watched it yet so I skimmed through this post-but I am TEAM EMILY! Have a great day! xoxo


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