Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Positive Post That I Wanted to Post Yesterday

So, now that I have vented in yesterday's post, I can post the entry that should have gone up. I do not like posting negativity, but sometimes life isn't all smiles! But lets get back to those smiles. I cannot sweat the small stuff in life, so I may as well move on to what really matters in my life!

Yesterday M and I spent most of the day together! He had a few things to do in the morning for work and then came home. We bought a new cabinet for the foyer originally, but did not love it there, so we put it in the dining room! He also got me hot pink Gerber's - my favorite!! I love this man! We always say we won't celebrate and then bam, he goes and surprises me!

I was just about to head out the door to the dogs play date and that is when I received the email blabbing all about me (yesterdays post will recap). I was upset and I told M all about it! He was upset too! However, he reminded me that their opinions simply do not matter and that we would find a way to get past it. With all the drama that went down, I didn't end up packing or getting much else done as I wanted to!

I headed around the corner to J's with the dogs. It was slippery, really slippery! I guess there was a flash freezing warning and well it was right! I made it there and once I got in the driveway I wiped right out! Well I should admit to feeling like I was going to fall, but corrected myself 3 times and then went down with the last attempt. I am a tall gal! It is a LONG way down. I haven't wiped out in a long time!! I was surprised that it didn't hurt more really when I did it or afterwards! Here I was thinking I was lucky, until I woke up this morning. My body aches in ways I have never felt before! My butt is sooo sore when I walk. I got home from work last night and checked to see if I had a bruise and I don't yet, but it is very swollen! I had made a joke about having a bruise to accent my bikini on my trip and well, I might just have that! I don't heal very quickly. There must be a cure or a supplement for that!

Was anyone else pumped while watching the end of the Bachelor on Monday? I certainly was! Michelle is gone!! I am sure that Brad knew he was going to get rid of Michelle and went straight to the rose ceremony so that she could not manipulate him, as she did every other episode!! For girls night, we had chocolate brownies, chocolate brownie cheese cake and chips and dip! YUM!

Today I have a full day in clinic, filled with both my own patients, as well as patients for echocardiograms. I won't be back in my office until late this afternoon.

Did I mention how warm is going to get in the next couple of days?! It is going to be 2 degrees tomorrow and 7 degrees on Thursday with rain and 9 degrees on Friday!! That is sooo exciting!! What I won't tell you is that it is supposed to snow 10+ cm on Monday.....

I went for my first tan last night too!! Oh how nice it was!! I need to build a bit of a base before heading to Dominican or I will burn instantly. Not to mention the fact that I am super pale and my skin needs a pick me up!! But fear not, I am not one of those people who gets super dark before going somewhere hot and tropical, I just really need to prep my skin, after all it has not seen the sun in months!

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Feb. 17
Feb. 18
Feb. 19
Feb. 20
Feb. 21
Feb. 22
6am - 6pm
Cloudy with showersScattered showersVariable cloudinessScattered flurriesA few flurriesLight snow
 Cloudy with showersScattered showersVariable cloudinessScattered flurriesA few flurriesLight snow
Feels Like- - -11 - -8 -9
WindSW 30 km/h SW 30 km/h NW 30 km/h S 10 km/h E 25 km/h E 20 km/h
24-Hr Rain5-10 mm 2-4 mm - - - -
24-Hr Snow- less than 1 cm - close to 1 cm 10+More than 10 cm of snow possible cm 1-3 cm


Diana Mieczan said...

Ohh Im so sorry that you had a bad day yesterday. I need to read your other post now:) Kisses and hugs, darling

Ps: I’m hosting an adorable shoes GIVEAWAY today! Just in time for spring!

Jessica and Stephan said...

lucky you, getting to go on a trip! At least you can pre-tan. I can't :(

Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

That weather is so crazy! Glad you have positive things to report :) Sorry you fell on your butt-I've don that in the parking lot after snow skiing and I couldn't sit down for a week. I am SO glad Michelle is gone-I like Emily the best :) Can't wait for tomorrow night! xoxo


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