Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thoughts For Thursday

Today started with a dark and early start. Yes, I said dark because I was up and awake before the sun was even considering coming out! We had to take M's parents to Toronto to the airport at 2:30 AM! They are probably soaking up the sun as I type this in St. Lucia for 2 whole weeks!

After dropping them off, M and I were home by 5:30, after a stop at Timmy's at 4:30 for hot chocolate and a bagel for myself! I crawled right back into bed and slept until 10:30 AM! Then I quickly got ready because J wanted to have a puppy play date with Lance (a black lab). We decided to take them into town to the dog park, after stopping in to visit her M at work. I picked up some dog cookies and a new kitty kong for the cats, which they LOVE wayyy too much! Every cat should have one of these! They have not left it alone since I gave it to them!

We enjoyed some pitas for lunch, brought one home for M and had a little lunch date, while watching General Hospital from yesterday!

My order came in from La Vie En Rose! I have decided to take the surprise (you can read about it here, if you missed it) to Dominican with us, so you will have to wait a little bit longer to find out how it goes over!

Also, remember that sewing project I did at the end of December? You know, the gazebo topper? Well that has all gone to waste! I did good quality work because the seams and canvas help up, but the frame collapsed! Just another reason to hate this snow!!

I also had a nightmare this morning! I dreamt that we were leaving for our trip, and had just checked our baggage at the airport and while boarding, I turned to Mike with a shocked look on my face, realizing that I had not packed a thing in the suitcases, it was all M's stuff! I only had the clothes on my back! Talk about a nightmare! I woke up after that one! I also put some sun dress aside for the trip this afternoon! It is officially time to start packing when you have dreams like that!

Our garage door opener part is being shipped finally! I am pretty excited!! Now M will be able to install it! He was missing the extension kit from the package that we bought last June!!

Well that is all I have got for today, I am hoping to post my give away tomorrow, so stay tuned!! Can't wait to give back to one lucky follower!


Jessica and Stephan said...

Say hello the sunshine when you go, I'll be here in the snow :(

Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

Great idea on taking the surprise on your trip! And yay for garage doors/openers!! :) xoxo


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