Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday

Might I mention how weird it is to be working on a Thursday? Or how weird it was to off on a Wednesday? Today feels like a Friday because of this switcheroo! I am sure I will disappointed tomorrow! Amazing how quick habits form, I mean I used to work every week day! I am pretty spoiled to have 2 days off during the week! (It really is a good thing, being as I make the same amount working part-time than I did full-time at my old job..)

So today's thoughts are coming at you with BULLETS!!
  • My sister is coming home from Florida today! She will have quite the snowy surprise awaiting her when her plane lands in Detroit today!! Praying for a safe flight and drive home!
  • I ordered 2 magazine subscriptions yesterday!! House and Home and Style At Home. I cannot believe how much money you save with subscriptions!! I save like 70% of the cover price!! This investment pays off after only 3 months of buying it in store!
  • colourful-condo-bedroom.jpgvia
    How cute is this?! I can't wait for spring! I have bedding very similar to this and have been waiting to use it! (This is the pink sheets I have referred to HERE)
  • I cannot wait for those subscriptions to get here! They gave access to the digital copy in the mean time for this month! 
  • M and I get to babysit H this Saturday!! So pumped! I love that little girl! I will try to take pictures! 
  • It is freezing cold!! We are talking -26 degrees Celsius with the windchill!! 
  • Less than a month and I will be soaking up the sun! 
  • I have been contact by CSN again!! I am debating between another give-away or a product review!
  •   How cute is this dress from Victoria's Secret? I love it!!
  • I am thinking about starting to pick out my wardrobe for Dominican!! I know its early, but it might be the one thing to get me through the weeks ahead until I leave!
  • Tomorrows post will be all about what I have completed in the last two months! Finally Friday and Monthly Monday are coming back in full force! No more slacking for this young lady!
That is all I can think of for now! I hope you all have a great Thursday!


Tara said...

OMGGG i want that dress.
i think i maybe to short for it again! blehhh.

Murdock's mama said...

Yay...thanks so much for I'm your new follower! Super jealous you're going to the Dominican!! Your pups are adorable!!


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