Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow, Bachelor, Vehicles

As I am sure most of you know, there is a BIG and bad snow storm on its way, in fact some of you may be experiencing it! Thank you Texas!! Lol! I just wish we got the weather Texas got, knowing it would melt in no time and it would not be like -20 there! But no, up here in Canada, it was -20 this morning, but the temp will go down to a -9, but we are in for up to 15 cm tonight and another 15+ tomorrow! Can we say CRAZY?! I am not one for this kind of weather! The wind alone is supposed to be nasty and is in fact already blowing strong!

I will admit I was a bit nervous! Nervous in the sense that I have to travel on Wednesdays about a good hours drive away from home and on roads that are NOT good in the winter!! I was freaking out about for tomorrows commute with the storming hitting the hardest over night! I get to work this morning and my boss told me to reschedule my day of appointments! I was like really? He said it was simply not worth it and where I am travelling to has the potential to get worse because it is by the lake, so the lake effect could make it worse! I will not argue with the man! It does get pretty dicey down there! So I have been phoning my patients and rescheduling and most of them have been more than happy to not have to go out in the weather tomorrow!

But it gets better! I will be working on Thursday now this week and my boss has given me tomorrow off!! So I don't have to drive ANYWHERE tomorrow! I can be snowed in! But I might want to hit up the grocery store tonight because I am running out of a few necessities in the house!

Here in Canada we usually laugh at 30 - 40 cm, we consider it nothing, but that was years ago, we haven't been getting this kind of snow for a couple of years now, with the exception of Windsor and London, who have been hit hard this year.

What a great way to start February off eh? Less than a month and I am outta here! I cannot wait!

The Bachelor: How is Michelle still on, especially after last night, and she is the first one to get rose after THAT stint she pulled at the rose ceremony?! I really felt bad for Emily! That must have been sooo hard for her to face, knowing her fiance was a part of nascar! I wanted the other Ashley to go home, although I understand that the one that did go home can probably do better than Brad! 

M and I have been discussing vehicles lately. It has been a BIG subject in our house lately and it is getting BIGGER! Can anyone recommend a good SUV. Not too small though, but decent on gas? As much as I hate the look, I am considering the Ford Flex! Give me some ideas people! I will go into more detail about this at a later date, but give me some ideas!!


Jenny said...

I have not driven a Ford Flex but I have sat in one when we were looking at cars and oh my goodness they are so roomy!!!

Natalie said...

I just got a 2010 Ford Escape Limited. I love it!

Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

Good luck with the snow! I despise Michelle an don't know why she's still on. What is his problem?! We have looked at the Nissan Muranos and they are much roomier than you would think. Have a great day! xoxo

Jessica said...

We got SLAMMED with snow last year so we're glad here in Virginia that we've only had two snow days! Haha!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Good luck with all the snow! I can't get over how much snow people are getting!


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