Monday, December 10, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

Well I did survive the weekend, but I will tell ya, it was a close call with this cold I now have.

Friday night was Pie Night!!
Insert lesson learned here: I do NOT like mojitos!!! It was like drinking mouth wash. I swear I was freshening my breath while I was drinking. It was not cool!
Saturday morning I had anticipated wrapping presents, but instead just about finished Hannah's Owl Hat for Christmas! I just have to sew the buttons on for the eyes!! I am soo happy with how it has turned out!
Because the weather was crappy, M got done work early so we went Christmas shopping!! I managed to buy myself 2 new pairs of jeans!!! Yay for having jeans that fit!! Score!!! I also got my rings cleaned:

Saturday night was the Santa Claus parade. M was in the parade with the fire department collecting toys and perished goods.

We went out for dinner after the parade with M's parents to celebrate M's Mom's birthday, which is on Thursday.
Sunday I slept in until 10, after a rough nights sleep. This cold is kicking my butt!! We did some housework in the morning, got ready to head into town for Uncle Hudson's memorial, then headed to get groceries.
The weather was crappy, not snow crappy, but freezing rain crappy. Yuck! But it is supposed to stay above zero this week.
M and I wrapped presents - but I failed to take a picture of that. I am sure I will remember later.
Binxy was helping:

I finished the night off with a shot of this:

Today I have to:
-make a trip to the post office to send off some Christmas cheer.
-address my Christmas cards
-attempt my first try at Christmas sugar cookies
-wrap M's presents
I am feeling ambitious!!! We will see what gets done!! Happy Monday friends!!


J and A said...

I LOVE mojitos!!! Were they make fresh? They are one of my favs!! Hope you feel better real soon!!! :( Pretty rings!! :)

Sarah Tucker said...

What a fantastic weekend :))

Kristin said...

Need to get my rings cleaned!!

Kae Schumacher said...

YUMMY! LOVE mojitos!!!!
and the pies look great!


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