Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last Love Before Christmas 2012

Wow - Christmas is less than a week away!!! Crazy!! Where they heck did this year go? Although I will be 110% honest I am soo ready for a new year. This year has been tough!

I am loving the new office here at work! Although it looks like a bomb has gone off in here, I cannot wait to see it all come together!!

I am loving that Cassidee Pope won The Voice last night!! I actually would have been mad if she didn't because she is amazing!!

I am loving that I have now lost over 10 pounds!! Keep on dropping!!

I am loving this little cat, although she may be a bit of trouble:

She refused to look at my phone...

her note there says:
I stole ornaments off the tree! Just to swat them around.

I thought she only stole 3, but then I found the 4th and the 5th. I think she may have had some help!!

We are supposed to get some wicked weather tomorrow which should include rain, freezing rain and of course snow. Who knows it might not be a green Christmas after all.

I love that the guy that is here doing the plumbing is singing along to his radio and talking to himself! Entertaining!!

And to leave you off with some quotes:

Pinned Image

If I was brave enough to get a tattoo, I love this one:

Pinned Image

Soo true:
Pinned Image


Pinned Image

This is perfect and just how I will end this post:

Pinned Image


J and A said...

GREAT pins!! :) YAY for 10lbs, you rock lady!!

Rachel said...

Found your blog through the linkup. Cute pins!! I love the tattoo! Hope you have a great day! :)


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