Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear Weather - I am soo happy you are not snowing or even super cold!! If you want to stay above 0 all winter long, I am A-OK with that! Thanks!

Dear Body - Thank you for just bouncing back weight wise - not strength wise! I was pleasantly surprised that I have officially lost 9 pounds now (that's an additional 1.5 pounds gone)!! This excites me tremendously!! I thought my pants had been fitting bigger and now I know why - no complaints!! Soo close to the magic 10!!! I also appreciate my skin clearing up!

Dear Lux: I love that you have finally found your own spot in bed and that it doesn't really involve me at all!! Plus I benefit from listening to you purr yourself to sleep because you are on your own pillow beside my head! Thanks for finally figuring it out!!

Dear Weekend: If I survive you, I will be pleased! This weekend is going to be crazy BUSY!! Tonight is PIE NIGHT!!! Yes a night dedicated to eating pie!! It is perfect, although it probably won't put me closer to losing that one more pound... haha!  Tomorrow M works in the morning - they are soo busy, but busy means business is good, so I will try not to complain! Then we are going to head out to hopefully finish our Christmas Shopping, although I am sure M has not even started on me yet! I am pretty sure more than 50% of my shopping has been done online!! Score!! Sunday we have a family gathering for Uncle Hudson, who passed away a couple of weeks ago.

Dear Hot Tub - it was soo nice to get re-acquainted last night!!! M and I enjoy your presence in our life!!

Dear Pinterest: Thanks for encouraging me to try new things, like crocheting a hat for Hannah - just need to add the eyes and beak and I have an owl hat!!!

I think M is finally beginning to appreciate you as well - we tried new potatoes last week!

I didn't get chance to blog yesterday because I was making pies and butter tarts with M's Mom!! And believe it or not I didn't get a picture either! I will try tonight!

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J and A said...

OMG that hat is so cute!! Hannah will look awesome. Glad you enjoyed the hot tub. Nice work on the lbs lost!!! Awesome!! Can I have your clear face?? Please. Have a great weekend!!! Find some Skinny girl and enjoy!!


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