Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Retail Therapy At It's Finest

Did I just blog about shopping?! I might have a problem... come the new year I might confiscate my own credit/debit card. Just sayin'.

Soo a lot of things have been going on and shopping seems to be the best distraction, so today K and I decided last minute to do a little shopping.

We decided to spoil ourselves with Pizza Hut lunch buffet, but it was sort of a fail compared to previous lunch dates - but now we know where not to go!

Michael's was up first. I needed some more yarn for Hannah's hat, yet ended up buying 101 cookie cutters!! Score!! $16 - with an additional 40% off!!

All the different shapes!!
Then we tried Toys R Us, but we had no luck there.
And then Costco - I only needed toilet paper and kitty litter, but ended up leaving with my boss's Christmas gift, and some "Christmas presents from the dogs..." Lily & Gracie have been busy little shoppers this year haha.
Then I happened to get an email from Old Navy suggesting a 25% off sale!! Okay!!
At least I am just about finished Christmas shopping!!

1 comment:

J and A said...

I too am going on a shopping ban. Started yesterday. Other that Xmas gifts for others! Glad you have shopping to keep you busy though. ;) hugs.


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