Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thoughtless Thursday

Today is literally a thoughtless Thursday. I forgot to schedule posts for yesterday, as well as today and let's be honest I don't see myself finding time to schedule one for tomorrow.

Soo here we go:

- I need to finish B's hat before the 24th. I also need to crochet some more dish clothes. When? I am not sure, but my deadline is getting awfully close!!

- M and I are not going to have dinner cooked at home until after Christmas. Last night we had dinner at the farm, tonight is Take Out Thursday, tomorrow we have a Christmas Party, Saturday we have dinner with N & M, Sunday we could cook a meal, but let's be honest why bother? We will pick something up. Monday we have dinner at my sister's for our Christmas get together with my Mom and well Christmas day we get 2!!

- This week of work is sooo tiring! Don't get me wrong, I love my job, and I don't mine the extra hours, but there is NOTHING to do!! That makes for very long days!!

- Here is a little TV talk for you:

                 - anyone watch Private Practice: talk about cliff hanger - she is having the babies!

                 - and while discussing cliff hangers, Chicago Fire - holy smokes!! When the heck does it come back on?!

                 - who is going to win X Factor? I am thinking Tate!!

- Last night when M and I got home we found more ornaments on the ground. Turns out Jazz is not the only culprit! Lux and Binx are in on it too! Brats!!! I love how the tree has been up for almost a month and they are just now being entertained by it!

- The bad weather we were supposed to get has only brought a bit of freezing rain this morning, but it was melted by the time I needed to go to work! We will see what tomorrow brings though!

Did I mention that tomorrow is Friday and then I am off until next Friday?!

Have a great Thursday!!!


J and A said...

OMG Chicago Fire!!!! So good! I need another episode stat!! YAY for not cooking dinner!! ha ha

J and A said...

PS. Package(s) come yet??

Kristin said...

hoping tate and Carly both go far!!


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