Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 -That's A Wrap!

Before we sum up this year and say farewell to 2012, I'm just gunna do a quick recap of Christmas!

- Christmas Eve was spent with my Mom, and my sisters sweet little fam, as well as Mike of course. We attended church and then went back to my sisters for a turkey dinner. I made lemon meringue tarts for dessert. We opened presents and I did get my gel nail kit!!! Soo pumped to have pretty nails again!! M got a Kuerig and we have been enjoying the hot chocolates and apple ciders so far!!

Here are some pics from the night:

The hats fit!!!
And this one just cracks me up:

- Christmas morning was at the farm:

M spoiled me with a new band for my wedding set:

Love it!!
And M got an iPad, which I will be honest, I am enjoying it!! He also got his helicopter which has been flying around in the house... you bet I am "impressed".
We had dinner at 2:00 with his parents and his Aunt Gay and then we jetted off to my Aunt's.
We played games, ate and drank and it was all fun!! We had everyone in on a game of signals and then spoons. My aunts table didn't fare so well afterwards!

We had to switch to plastic spoons, but it still didn't matter!!
The last week has been fun spending time with friends playing games including our new Dice Poker game!! Soo much fun!! A shopping trip to Ikea, a big snow storm and many discussion over our trip, which we still haven't decided on!!
Yesterday we took all the Christmas decor down - which is early for us, but the cats kept stealing ornaments and let's be honest I want to start Operation Organization 2013 early.
We are off to a great start with 2 bags and a box off to be donated and we haven't even started with our clothes yet!
And to sum up the year 2012, all can say is that:
Pinned Image
because this year certainly wasn't. But I am blessed with my friends, my family, my hubby, my house, my pets and our jobs and for that I will be forever grateful no matter what.
Farewell 2012, it has been a slice...
Happy New Year Friends!!


Nikki said...

your new band is beautiful!

Katie said...

what a beautiful ring!!


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