Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Reflection on 28

Today I turn 29!

Isn't this the year I need to make the most of because I'm going to be 29 forever from now on? 

And in all honesty, although I cannot predict the rest of 29, but so far it is shaping up to be one of the best of my years. The year I hope to see many of my past birthday wishes all come true!! I'm due to have my first baby while I'm 29 and this alone means the world to me, as you all know! That was no easy task. I will spend most of my 29th year pregnant! Something I have always wanted. I will celebrate 7 years with M. I will see the man I married and love turn into a father. Our family will grow, our hearts will grow, along with our love for one another and a sweet blessing we created together! (I am more than aware that things can change but I'm thinking positively)

As much as I dread getting another year older, this year it's different! I have soo much to look forward to! I am truly blessed. 

Although I found myself somewhat emotional last night - could be my pregnancy hormones, but finishing my 28th year brings tears to me eyes. Putting this year behind me is harder than I thought! Suddenly this all feels real to me. I'm closing on a huge chapter of my life, one that was dragging on and on without sight of the end. 

28, as much as it was off to a rough start, it made up for it in the end and I will also never forget 28. It will keep me honest in knowing what a struggle is, learning more and more about my own strength, feelings, body and how my past has changed me. My eyes are open now to soo many things I had never focused on. 

It was the year I found myself pregnant! The year that put a stop to years of suffering with infertility. 

As hard as 26, 27 and 28 were they have helped create a new meaning to my life. They have made me stronger, taught me many life lessons I could never have imagined learning. I don't regret these years at all, despite the hardships, but I look at coming out of it all, finding the light at the end of the tunnel. Conquering the odds and never giving up. 

Goodbye 28. Your chapter has ended in the best possible way. 

I won't be sipping champagne this year, but I hope you all do for me!! 

Here is to 29! 


Miranda said...

Happy Birthday! :) May this next year be truly amazing for you!

Murdock's mama said...

Happy Birthday Pretty Mama! {I'll toast to you tonight as we start our long weekend!} :)

J and A said...

Happy Birthday!!! This for sure will be your best year yet!!

Leigh said...

Happy birthday! :)

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday!! I am exactly 1 day older than you!! I turned 29 yesterday!! Hey it's also your golden year 29 on the 29th!! Wishing the last year of your 20's is the best yet!!!

Aubrey said...

Happy Birthday!!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday! I think 29 will be your best year yet!

Jessica and Stephan said...

Happy Birthday! You're going to have a awesome year :)


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