Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What I Am Loving

Big shout out to my sister today!!! Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great day celebrating!!

Yesterday was my Grandma's 92nd Birthday and my BFF Sarah's. And Monday was M's birthday! It has literally been a week of birthdays sooo far!

I love how much Jazz has been coming around! The pills are working! She is a happy cat!! I didn't realize how much I have missed her snuggles.

It has been soo cold out lately! I swear it is the end of September not mid-August. This weather could snap back to the warm side anytime!

It was great spending the later afternoon/evening with my family including my Grandma of course last night! It was great getting a chance to catch up with her and share some of the things going on in our life with her.

The restaurant in the village is opening yet again!! I am actually pretty excited about this! Nothing like a local watering hole to support. It will be soo convenient come M's late season and we need an easy dinner, or grabbing drinks or apps with friends without having to drive into town!! Oh and its just around the corner!!

My Mom is staying with my Aunt for the day, so that will give me a chance to get things caught up around the house, walk the dogs, relax, etc.

Things are just pretty exciting around these neck of the woods!!! I don't think I have felt soo content with my life in a long time!!!


Team Harries said...

So glad you are in such a good place! Been thinking about you!

J and A said...

Cold!? It's so hot here today I am dying!! So glad everything is going so well for you, love that. And yay for a local watering hole.


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