Friday, August 16, 2013

High Five For Friday

I guess the biggest thing on my list for this week is being able to share our little secret!! Here it is again in case anyone missed it (you should probably read yesterday's post too) 

Thank you soo much for everyone's comments, excitement, prayers and support!! It means soo much!! 

On that news, my next thing on my list would be finding the baby's heartbeat at home with our doppler!! I swear every time I hear the heartbeat whether in the doctors office or now at home, my eyes well up with tears! 

Number 3 would be my Mom is gone to the cottage with my Aunt for the weekend!! As much as I love having her here, I'm looking forward to this mini break! I know she will be going home soon, and she is doing soo much better!! 

Number 4 will be a Jazz update- who is this cat? She is soo laid back now and HAPPY!! Can she stay on these pills forever!! She loves me again!! Truth be - grumpy cat must have figured out I was pregnant because that is when the peeing began!! Which isn't hard to believe since she used to be my shadow. They say pets know... Well she nailed that one!! 

Number 5 will be that it's the weekend and its actually supposed to get warm!! Yay!! Mikes in a ball tournament this weekend but we are going to hit up Babies R Us this weekend to get me a pregnancy pillow!! Hopefully that will help me sleep! 

Thanks again for all of your kind words!! They mean soo much!! Have a great weekend!! 


Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Congrats!!! So exciting!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

So so exciting! Congrats again :) Jealous of your doppler lol. I want one!

Jessica said...

Congrats again!! :D

Lindsay said...

I was on vacation all last week and I just read this!! CONGRATS! Such happy news!! Can't wait to read about your journey! xo

Tara said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i cant believe it!! i know how much you wanted this!! congrats congrats!!


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