Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our Journey to Baby V - Part 2

We started our second cycle on November 27, 2011. This protocol was a lot more difficult and involved 2 shots of Lupron per day - which suppresses everything since I had the allergic reaction to the other cycle. I started with just this for 5 days before adding in the stimulant shots which were Menopur (burns like hell) and Gonal F. That meant 4 needles/day. Somehow I managed to get it done.

That is one things I can say that when you want something soo badly it is amazing what you will do to accomplish that. But the sad part is that you eventually get to a desperate breaking point where you jump if they said jump. 

There were numerous occasions where I would be driving to London (an hour away) at 6 AM for monitoring with M in the passenger seat prepping my needle and giving it to me while I drive because everything is on a time line! 

I stimmed for 9 days and went in for my first egg retrieval on December 11, 2011. We only ended up getting 4 eggs, where as most people would get a lot more eggs per retrieval. The procedure was uncomfortable as my right ovary sits high so in order to access it with the needle through my cervix (sorry for the TMI) was for the lady to push like hell on my right ovary to access it. It was horrible!!

We found out only 1 embryo survived. Luckily of great quality! Implantation was on Dec 12, 2011. Felt great to be pregnant until proven otherwise! Recovery from the procedures took a while as it takes a while for the ovaries to shrink back down to size from the size of grapefruits. 

On Christmas Eve I started spotting. Which was 10 days post transfer day. Confirmed BFN (big fat negative) on January 3, 2012. The year was off to a rough start. We were once again devastated, but luckily had each other to turn to, along with some friends and family. 

In March 2012 we went back to the RE to discuss our options. I wanted to deal with my hydro which overall meant losing the tube. We scheduled surgery for April 19, 2012 for having an Essure coil inserted to close off my right tube. This was not an easy decision, yet a very permanent one. They say that the hydrosalpinx can drain fluid into the uterus which can be toxic to an embryo. There is no proof, but yet a possibility. Before going into another cycle we decided we better give ourselves the best chance. Once the coil is in, it is not reversible.

I had the surgery along with a hysteroscopy just to look around my uterus for any other issues. Luckily this test was fine and the surgery was a success. Recovery was really slow after that one. It takes 3 months for the coil to completely close. 

Part 3 to be continued. 


Rachel and John said...

Boo to that cycle not working. And to Surgery! You are such a strong lady!

Jessica and Stephan said...

I can't believe how much you've already gone through at this point in the story, its unbelievable! Its amazing that you were able to deal and get yourself through that, good thing you have such a loving hubby :)


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