Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Mike!!

Today is Mike's official 30th Birthday!!! However on the weekend is when I planned his surprise birthday!

We almost pulled it off!! He said there were a few little things that made him wonder including a text on my phone before I was able to lock it. Then our first plan to get him out of the house back fired so he had an inkling then. Then M took him golfing, completely confused him so Mike was sure nothing was going on, which was great until he drove home and saw his Dads truck down in the ball park! 

I sucked at taking pictures, I did manage to take a picture of the cake, but that is it! 

But I completely used Pinterest for my decorating plans! Here is what went on:

A fun baseball party game for kids - hitting practice using water balloons #baseball #party #birthday
Blow-Up Raft as a Cooler...just add ice and food!! DIY buffet, drinks, snacks & party food on ice. Summer birthday party idea.
I used pool floats to put snacks in, and put ice in the bottom of the ones I needed to keep cool. I personally used boats.
We had a candy bar full of Mike's Favorites.
Here is the cake that my sisters neighbour brought!! It was soo good!!!
Overall it was a great party with friends and family!
We ended the night with a bon fire.
Yesterday we had a super lazy day. I may have had a jammie day!!
Happy Birthday Mike!!! I look forward to seeing what your 30th year has in store!! I have a feeling that something amazing is on its way ;) Love you to the moon and back!!!


Team Harries said...

Happy birthday to your husband!!!

J and A said...

Happy birthday Mike!! That cake is awesome!!

Jessica and Stephan said...

Happy 30th Birthday to your Hubby!

Rachel said...

Happy birthday to him! Looks like it was a great party. I love the idea of using pool floats as "coolers" for the food. I might use that at the next outdoor party I have!


Sarah said...

Happy 30th to your hubby! Love those party ideas!


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