Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday Things

Ok, so clearly I've been slacking on the blog front and I am sorry. I knew December would be busy, but not this busy...Today is our first day home!  Here is what we have been up to:

Monday we had play group. Noah was super clingy all day, but we decided to try something new and sure enough Noah decided to try his hand at walking with the help of a handy toy of course! If I could figure out how to upload the video then we would have a video to watch... But I don't know how, so you can check my Instagram. I was soo nervous for him to fall and wipe out that his head is not even in the video. 

Tuesday we went to visit Daddy at work in the field to see the new machine. Noah sure was in heaven:

I will share some more pics after Christmas on this one!! 

After visiting Daddy we went to see Aunt Amy, had some lunch and while Noah snoozed, I decided to help my sister out and took on an order for her!! She has been super busy with her shop with the Christmas rush! I haven't beaded in years, like 15+ years. But it came right back to me! 

When we got home a certain little miss needed a snuggle!! 

Noah had a great day and couldn't wait to share all his stories!! 

Yesterday we had Grandma come over to babysit while I hit up a book sale with S! We made out pretty well!! I dropped S off and ran to Winners and believe it or not I left empty-handed!! Carters was up next because I realized we had very few 12 month sleepers! They had a BOGO 50% off sale, so I managed to get 6 more sleepers! In the afternoon I hit up a craft sale and made out well there too! 

Noah played with his new walking toy from Aunt Amy and in case you don't believe how much he loves it, here is the proof: 

Huge smiles around these parts!! 

I finished the necklace for my sister last night and started back up crocheting Noah's blanket. You may recall I was just about finished when I ended up having Noah early. So my goal is to have it finished for Christmas. His love for blankets is just like mine and he really likes my knit one from my Grandma, so I'm sure he will love this one! Then I can get started on my making my own!! 

Today is a crazy snow day, so we are staying home!! We have a busy weekend ahead, including family pics!! 


Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Oh my gosh! I love Noah's reindeer hat. So cute.

Lindsay said...

Id love to see the video! What is your instgram name?

Kristina said...

Noah is just adorable. I love the hat and the Best Gift Shirt is awesome. I just bought Jack a "Gift to the Ladies" onsie. It's so much fun to dress boys during the holidays. That necklace is awesome!


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