Monday, December 15, 2014

A Pre-Christmas Weekend

What a super fun weekend we had around these parts!! Noah experienced soo many firsts and M and I loved being there right along with him to watch! It was great!! Oh and another great thing - we didn't cook dinner all weekend!!

Friday morning I took Noah to the doctors since I forgot about his appointment the day before! Oops!! Luckily they were able to get him in because I had feared he was coming down with croup. He had a cough start up over night that I had never heard and he has had a cold before! The doctor said it is likely due to the dry house, as his lungs sounded great and she gave him a clean bill of health. So we put a humidifier in his room and that was it!

Friday night we were supposed to goto a Christmas Party, but M worked later than they planned and therefore it was just too late to go with Noah, so he grabbed dinner on his way home. We had a nice quiet evening, which allowed me get some more work on a Christmas present I am making! 

Saturday morning started off with a hair cut for M!! Then we headed over to the firehall to have breakfast with Santa!! My sister and get kiddos joined us too!! Noah did great with Santa!!

And we decided to do a family photo too!! We loved seeing Noah's reaction to Santa and were happy that it went well!! This may in fact be the only smiling one we get for a while, although he has never made strange with anyone yet. 

We tried to get one of all the cousins together, but we failed. Brandon wanted nothing to do with Santa! 

After breakfast, we went home and Noah had a nap right up until it came time to head to the farm for a Christmas gathering!! Noah did great at opening presents, actually unwrapping one and he loved pulling tissue paper out of the bags! I took my camera and failed to use it! But I did steal these from Mike's cousin: 

Noah enjoyed Turkey for the first time too!!

We headed to the Santa Claus parade in the village after dinner. Noah seemed to enjoy yet another first and luckily it wasn't too cold out!! Daddy was in the parade with the fire department! 

Noah had one busy day and went to bed great! 

Sunday morning we got ready for our family photoshoot!! Noah was in a great mood for it and was super smiley!! I can't wait to get them back this week!! 

Afterwards we went to the farm to pick up a Noahs presents: 

Sunday afternoon was spent tidying up the mudroom, doing and putting away laundry!! I swear this job is never ending!! I managed to get Noah to bed myself!! We are going through a stage right now where he will only let Daddy put him to bed, so we are working on fixing it and actually had success lady night! We will see how it gives tonight when Daddy isn't actually home!! 

After Noah was in bed, M and I watched Brian's House together while I finished up a few projects, including bathroom curtains: 

I'm soo happy with how they turned out!! 

I will fore warn you that this week is super busy again, but I am going to try really hard to blog! My cousin from out west is home and I finally get to meet sweet baby Briar!! I am also going to see The Social this week, which will also include my first train ride!! Stay tuned!! 

Hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend too!! 


J and A said...

He is so cute with Santa!! So glad. Did you do your fam pics with the same guy as your mat pics? Can't wait to see!! Sounds like an awesome weekend!! So glad he is good and healthy!

Kristina said...

Those baby blues!!! Breathtaking! I have to admit I love the quiet nights leading up to Christmas especially with Jack. Sitting home, wrapping, while watching him play makes my heart happy! I love Noah's santa picture!


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