Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Well I can actually say that this weekend we accomplished quite a bit in the Christmas department!!

Friday in the day Noah and I went shopping! We didn't get as much as we wanted to get, but we were able to cross a few things off the list!! Noah found it to be exhausting, but wouldn't fall asleep in the mall! 

Saturday morning I put on my brave face and finally trimmed Noah's hair! It was crazy long around his ears, yet I was soo nervous to do it! So he had his first hair cut! No tears from either of us!! 

Then Noah and I got ready to goto my cousins baby shower. You can sort of see the new way I mentioned I have been curling my hair that I mentioned last week: 

We headed to Guelph, hit up the new Costco there first and believe it our not I was in and out in 15 minutes - on a Saturday!!! Oh and gas was only $1!! The shower was good! Noah was a ham the whole time, but he was soo good!! Here he is with my cousin and the newest little to-be!! 

Crazy to think there will be another new baby in the family come January!! 

Saturday evening Noah hung out with Daddy - I was chopped liver because I had been with him all day!! 

Sunday morning we packed up and headed out for a day of Christmas shopping!! Noah was a trooper, but I am happy to say we are 90% done with just a few more things and stocking stuffers to go!! When we got home we played with Noah and then got everything ready to wrap! We did a little Pinterest project that worked for the most part, but I forgot to shape it first! So we might try again, but here's how it looks: 

The dogs had a little snuggle: 

After Noah went down we finished wrapping all but one big one and are about 75% finished wrapping!! Needless to say we are waiting for stuff to come in the mail! I will say it was soo crazy to see this tag popping up from last year!! 

We put everything under the tree as far back as we could to help keep Noah from wanting over there! 

Overall it was a very Christmas-y weekend!!! Can't believe it will be Noah's first Christmas soo soon!


Rachel and John said...

Super fun weekend! Looks like a lot of presents

J and A said...

Sounds like a good weekend!! I have those salt dough ornaments on my to do list!! What's Noah drinking? Juice? He looks so grown up!!

Lindsay said...

Ah! What a cutie! Sam really needs to get his hair cut too but I am SO nervous! ha ha!

Doesn't it feel So good to get a few Christmas things crossed off? But I am remembering how easy it use to be without a baby to cart around! But it's the little ones that make this time of year so magical! :)


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