Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Weekend Rewind. Tuesday Edition

Tuesday... Where the heck did Monday go? Must be December because we are super busy over here!!
Let's rewind to Monday:

Monday we had play group. The people who used to organize every weeks program are only coming twice a month now, so a bunch of other moms, including myself are picking up the slack and working with the church to continue the program weekly. Which means advertising, scheduling activities, story time, etc. Its a bit hectic to start with, but I know it will be worth it in the end to have our very own village activity group and not have to go into town to hang out with other parents and tots! We named our little play group "Kip Kids". We also have songs and stories at the library too, but that isn't as much of a social event, but a planned activity. 

The rest of our day was pretty typical, aside from Noah being a bit of a grump, but that's to be expected with his two bottom teeth coming in! At 5:45 PM, I quickly called M to see when he would be home, because I forgot the holiday train was coming through the village. It doesn't stop here like it does in the city, but it is still neat to see. M got home in time, and off we went to the tracks in the truck (it was cold out) and we waited and waited but with good company as friends came down too! My picture doesn't do it justice, but it really was neat to see! 

We came home, made grilled cheese quickly and M was off to fire practice and Noah and I started the bedtime routine. And that is when it all went downhill. Noah was in no mood for sleeping. This is the second time I have not been able to put him to bed. So he was up until 10 PM when Daddy put him down. Oh and the best part... In 5 minutes!! What??!! I couldn't believe it! Mom fail! 

Moving on to Sunday. Sunday Noah turned 41 weeks! What?? We started with taking his picture for our Christmas cards, which I then ordered right away! M brought up all the Christmas bins and after Noah's nap, we started Christmas-a-fying up just made that one up) the house! Noah loved helping with tree, and especially loved the train:

I just love watching all his firsts, his excitement, the pure awe in his expressions as he experiences. Christmas for the first time and he is at such a fun age to do that! Ya, he won't understand gifts yet, but in all reality that isn't what it is about. 

Sunday night we ordered dinner in because we forgot to get something out in the afternoon and then M took a few hours to get Noah down. Once he was down we hit up the hot tub and then off to bed we went! 

Saturday morning M was working. The guys came and finished our siding. I got some much needed house work done! I know I promised pictures of the new space, but I need to get some electrical outlet covers first! My Dad popped by with some glasses I ordered for him to engrave. They turned out great! 
Noah enjoyed his visit with Grandpa too!! 

Then in the afternoon it was time to get ready for the Fireman's Christmas Party! I tried a new hairstyle and failed at taking a pic, but I will redo it and hopefully remember! The party started off with a bang, literally... They ended up with a firecall and the excitement didn't stop there, when one of the doors came down on one of the trucks as it was leaving. Luckily no one was hurt and the damage was minimal. 

I will say that Somersby and Sour Puss are really good together, although I really wanted my wine! M's parents were babysitting, so we came home just after midnight.

Friday I partook in some Black Friday online shopping!! Crossed a few more presents off the list!! Now if only they came wrapped?? 

And back to today... I'm off to the grocery store to get supplies for our cookie exchange tomorrow night!! 

Soo much work to do lately and not enough time to do it!! 


Murdock's mama said...

Fun week! I wanted to host a cookie exchange once, but it's SO hard to find a free night in December. :(

J and A said...

So cute with the tree and Grampa!! LOVE that smile! I was going to join a cookie exchange but decided I didn't want all those cookies!! ha ha That train sounds cool, I couldn't even tell what it was! Fast!

Leigh said...

Busy, busy, busy! That's fun that you and some other moms are organizing a get together. It's great to meet other moms and have something to do with the babies :)


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