Thursday, December 18, 2014

Meet and Greet

Yesterday was a busy, fun filled day with meetings and greetings!!

We started off at the library and saw Santa one more time before Christmas! He came to visit at our Songs and Stories! He wasn't as smiley this time because I took his bottle away for the picture! But still cute!

"Hey I remember you"

"Santa all I want is my bottle back"

He was also flirting with Mrs. Claus in the group photo that I will refrain from posting on my blog!

When we got home my cousin from out west was at my place waiting for us! Which meant I finally got to meet Miss Briar!! What a doll!! 

Oh and Noah is pretty much in love with her and asked if we could keep her!!! Check out his expression haha: 

We had lunch and then headed out to the field to drop of Brent to work with Mike for the afternoon and then Jenna, Briar, Noah and I headed to my sisters!

When Hannah got home from school, she dressed Noah up as a firefighter:

He made out better than Briar, who ended up with a cape and bonnet.

We had a good visit, loud and crazy, but it was fun and I am soo happy to have finally got to meet Briar and can't wait to snuggle again on Sunday! 

Today I am headed to Toronto to be part of the audience for The Social! So keep an eye out for me!!

Have a great day!!

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